Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Unlock the Chicago Sweeper and Other Bonus Weapons

This guide will tell you exactly what you need to do to unlock Resident Evil 4 Remake's version of the Chicago Typewriter, the Chicago Sweeper. As well as the other three Bonus Weapons available in the game. The Chicago Sweeper may be the most iconic, but all four will tear through your enemies like wet tissue.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Unlock the Chicago Sweeper and Other Bonus WeaponsResident Evil 4 Remake is a fantastic and unforgettable horror experience, but it can also be a challenging. Especially on higher difficulties. Thankfully, there exist four Bonus Weapons that can either make the potentially hazardous slog through Professional difficulty a breeze, or take away the horror completely and turn the game into a bombastic shooting gallery. The most iconic of these is certainly the Chicago Sweeper (this game’s take on the infamous Chicago Typewriter from the original), a high-powered, infinite ammo Tommy gun that shreds through even the toughest enemies in seconds, but the others are just as worth seeking out.

Survival horror games are meant to put players on the backfoot – that’s where most of the horror comes from, after all – however, just like in previous titles, Resident Evil 4 Remake allows the most dedicated players to turn the tables. By fulfilling a series of specific requirements, players can unlock plenty of exciting content, including the ability to live out their wildest power fantasies with these indestructible, unlimited ammo, boss-destroying machines. The Las Plagas never stood a chance.

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Bonus Weapons

There are four Bonus Weapons to unlock in Resident Evil 4 Remake which can be bought from the Extra Content Shop off the main menu after completing the main story at least once and fulfilling certain criteria. The criteria vary from one weapon to the next, some being considerably easier to unlock than others. The easiest to unlock can then be used to facilitate the unlocking of the more challenging weapons. Whereas the most difficult to obtain can be seen more as special rewards for players who have completed everything the game can throw at them.

After unlocking and purchasing a Bonus Weapon from the Extra Content Shop, it will appear in the player’s storage box the next time they load a save. To access them, simply interact with a typewriter to move the desired weapon from your storage to your inventory.

Bonus Weapon



Infinite Rocket Launcher

Complete main story on any difficulty

2,000,000 Pesetas (from the Merchant)

Primal Knife

Destroy all 16 Clockwork Castellans

1000 CP

Chicago Sweeper

Complete main story on Professional difficulty and obtain A Rank.

1000 CP


Complete main story on Professional difficulty without using Bonus Weapons.

1000 CP

The Infinite Rocket Launcher

The Infinite Rocket Launcher is by far the easiest Bonus Weapon to unlock in the game, but is purchased slightly differently to the others. All players need to do to unlock it is complete the main story once on any difficulty, then purchase it from the Merchant for 2,000,000 Pesetas. Now this is a lot of money to save up on any difficulty, so it may be some time until most players get their hands on this incredibly destructive weapon.

However, players can speed things up slightly if the manage to unlock the Leon w/ Rocket Launcher Charm from the Token Machine in the Shooting Range. Equipping this charm will lower the price to a still extortionate 1,600,000 Pesetas. Players will need three Gold Tokens per go on the Token Machine and the rewards earnt are randomised, so acquiring this charm may take almost as long as saving up the money.

The price is worth paying in the end, as the Infinite Rocket Launcher is by far the most powerful weapon in the game. The damage dealt by even a single rocket can take down most bosses in only one or two hits, making this the perfect weapon for speed running or attempting to unlock the other Bonus Weapons.

Infinite Rocket Launcher

Infinite Rocket Launcher

The Primal Knife

Unlike most other bonuses in Resident Evil 4 Remake, the Primal Knife isn’t tied to beating the game on a specific difficulty or with a pre-determined Rank. Instead, to unlock this indestructible blade, players must track down and destroy all 16 Clockwork Castellans hidden across the game. There is one hidden in each chapter and, thankfully, KeenGamer has a handy guide to tell you exactly where they are so you don’t miss a single one. Once all Castellans have been destroyed, the Primal Knife can be purchased from the Extra Content Shop for 1000 CP.

The Primal Knife is a powerful blade to begin with, but will only reach its true potential if players invest in it. Each upgrade level will increase the blade’s power and durability until, fully upgraded, it becomes fully indestructible. Buying all upgrades will set the player back around 260,000 Pesetas or one Exclusive Upgrade Ticket. But, again, the cost is worth it, as now players will have a knife that can stealth kill and parry every enemy in the game without ever wearing down or requiring repairs.

The Primal Knife

The Primal Knife

The Chicago Sweeper

The Chicago Typewriter was iconic in 2005’s Resident Evil 4, and the Chicago Sweeper is the perfect homage in the Remake. To unlock this death-dealing beauty, players are required to beat the main story on Professional Difficulty and obtain an A Rank at the end. (An A Rank is achieved by finishing the game in less than seven hours.) Once this has been achieved, the Chicago Sweeper can be purchased from the Extra Content Shop for 1000 CP. While this may ordinarily be a challenge to achieve, players who have already purchased either the Primal Knife and Infinite Rocket Launcher, or both, can race through the story in no time by one-shotting everything in their path.

Just like its predecessor, the Chicago Sweeper – an already overpowered weapon – can be made even deadlier by unlocking infinite ammo. As with the Primal Knife, this perk can be unlocked after fully upgrading the gun (at a cost of around 650,000 Pesetas), or by using an Exclusive Upgrade Ticket. Not only does upgrading gift infinite ammo, it also massively increases damage dealt and ammo capacity, and greatly reduces reload time. Because, even though ammo is unlimited, Leon still needs to reload those empty magazines.

All in all, the Chicago Sweeper is the choice of weapon for those who just want to have fun after surviving so much. Pair it with Leon’s unlockable Pinstripe Suit for maximum enjoyment.

The Chicago Sweeper

The Chicago Sweeper

The Handcannon

The most powerful “traditional” gun in the game is also the most difficult to get your hands on. Previous unlocks will not help you here, as to unlock the Handcannon, players must beat Resident Evil 4 Remake’s story mode on a new save file on Professional difficulty, without using any Bonus Weapons. It can then be purchased from the Extra Content Shop for 1000 CP. No specific Ranking is required, so players can take as long as they need to overcome this challenge. While it may sound difficult at first, players who have already beaten the game a handful of times while obtaining one or two of the other Bonus Weapons shouldn’t find such a task impossible to overcome.

Unfortunately, the Handcannon isn’t quite the powerhouse it was in the original game, with its damage output having been scaled back to be more on par with the other magnums in the game. That being said, it still packs a hefty punch which, coupled with its infinite ammo perk, can make short work of most bosses. Just like with the Chicago Sweeper and the Primal Knife, players must fully upgrade the Handcannon (at a cost of around 500,000 Pesetas), or use an Exclusive Upgrade Ticket, to unlock infinite ammo. While it may not have the stopping power of the Infinite Rocket Launcher or the fun-factor of the Chicago Sweeper, it’s the perfect weapon for those looking to play out their best Dirty Harry fantasies.

The Handcannon

The Handcannon

With these weapons unlocked, players can turn a once-terrifying experience into a funhouse shooting gallery, get back at those bosses and enemies that once gave them a hard time, and generally have a blast tearing through obstacles and foes as if they were nothing. Of course, if you start to miss the scares, you can always leave them in the box.

And for everything else Resident Evil 4 Remake, keep your eye on KeenGamer.

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