Nintendo Sells Empty Switch Box For $5

Nintendo shocks gamers by putting empty Splatoon 2 Switch bundles for sale at around five dollars. The box is mostly likely designed for eager collectors that already own the console.

Nintendo Sells Empty Switch Box For $5
In a shocking turn of events, Nintendo has decided to begin selling their beautifully decorated Switch bundles completely free of content within. Specifically they are selling the Splatoon 2 Switch bundles in their Japan online store for about 540 yen (roughly 5 dollars). The inspiration probably came from noticing the nice extra revenue that always comes from gamer collectors. This is most likely to test the waters of whether such collectors would actually buy empty bundle boxes. So there you have it, if you already have a Switch and lost or threw away its original box, don't waste any time feeling remorse and get this cool-looking box now. What you order is what you get, no Switch, no controllers, no manuals, no hassle, just a box.

This may seem surprising for many I'm sure but don't underestimate the power of the collectors. Although I imagine it has other uses such as bragging that you actually got a Switch by displaying the box even though you can't find one at stores. The possibilities, as you can see, are endless. To its credit, it is a very neat-looking box.

Are any of our readers picking one of these bad boys? let us know below.

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