Newest Tales of Berseria video highlights Velvet’s revenge

Released last Friday, the advertisement explains the main character's motivations within the newest entry to the long-running Tales of franchise.

Newest Tales of Berseria video highlights Velvet's revenge
Bandai Namco Entertainment released a commercial for their upcoming Tales of Berseria last Friday. Explaining main character Velvet's motivations for revenge, the video also plays the JRPG's theme song "BURN" by FLOW.

The latest entry in the long-running Tales series will debut in Japan on PS3 and PS4 on August 18, with a prospective release date of early 2017 set for Europe and North America (where the game will release on PS4 and PC).

Day one DLC for Tales of Berseria includes a pirate-themed costume set, a summer vacation costume set, and a traditional Japanese-themed costume set. Digital downloads of the game include special theme illustrations by long-commissioned anime studio ufotable.

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