New Tales From The Borderland – Trophies & Achievements List

An essential New Tales from the Borderlands trophies and achievements list. Join three citizens of Promethea as they try to survive the worst day of their lives, as they survive invasions, monsters and cold-hearted capitalism. Go from misfits to heroes in this narrative-driven adventure with a shiny platinum trophy waiting for you at the end.

New tales from the borderlands - trophies & achievements listFollow three diverse characters as they navigate themselves through the hyper-capitalist dystopia of the New Tales from the Borderlands. Explore the narrative side of this wacky franchise in what seem to be a straightforward bonkers adventure that shouldn’t be a difficult platinum to add to your trophy case. 

This game has a total of 26 achievements and 27 trophies, including the platinum. Everything seems fairly direct in terms of completion. Complete the story, obtain all items and do a few extra-curricular activities, and you’ll have yourself a shiny platinum.

Here’s our New Tales From The Borderlands trophies and achievements list.

New Tales From The Borderlands Trophies & Achievements List

Three new protagonists. A whole heap of problems

Three new protagonists. A whole heap of problems.

This list is broken down into PlayStation’s trophy tiers (bronze, silver, gold and platinum). The corresponding amount of Gamerscore is displayed in brackets at the end of each achievement description.

New Tales From The Borderlands – Platinum Trophy

  • Total Tale Told – Collect all other trophies

New Tales From The Borderlands – Gold Trophies

  • From Zeroes… – Complete Episode 1 (100G)
  • Shard Snatchers – Complete Episode 2 (100G)
  • Our Lucky Winner – Complete Episode 3 (100G)
  • The Shardmenstration – Complete Episode 4 (100G)
  • … To Heroes – Complete Episode 5 (100G)
  • Okay, Vain Much? – Obtain every cosmetic (100G)
  • And Still Champion – Win every Vaultlanders battle (100)
  • You Played This Before – View every ending (100G)

New Tales From The Borderlands – Silver Trophies

  • New Business – Finish the game with a good skateboard rating (30G)
  • Not Doll. Action Figures! – Collect every Vaultlander figure (30G)
  • Mas, Por Favor – Wish for more tacos (30G)
  • Super Trusting Friend! – Perform every background check (30G)

New Tales From The Borderlands – Bronze Trophies

  • You’re Not Naked – Obtain a cosmetic Item (15G)
  • Each Sold Separately – Obtain a Vaultlander figure (15G) 
  • Don’t Get Cocky – Win a Vaultlanders battle (15G)
  • We’re In – Complete a hack (15G)
  • Who Needs Keys? – Perform a Super Science Clap (15G)
  • Totally Intentional – Fail an action for the first time (15G)
  • You Rich Now! – Get money from Sink or Swim (15G)
  • You Poor Now! – Spend the money from Sink or Swim (15G)
  • Murderous Mascot Myhem – Win a Vaultlanders battle using the Claptrap figure (15G) 
  • Hey, Thanks! – Watch the credits after finishing the game (15G)
  • Tale in the Toilet – Reach a Tale Over for the first time (15G)
  • Those Were the Days… – Win the retro battle (15G)
  • Bring Back the Butt! – Summon the sexy intern (15G)
  • You Got the Goods, Kid – Nail a perfect, sexy dance (15G)

New Tales from the Borderlands is available on PS5/4, Xbox Series S/X, Switch and PC.  

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