New Dissidia: Final Fantasy content revealed

New costumes and a new stage come to the Japanese arcade fighting game August 18.

Cloud Strife, featured within the arcade game as a playable fighter
Publisher Square Enix announced new content for their Japanese arcade fighting game Dissidia: Final Fantasy today.

The trailers, featured below, show off new costumes for existing characters and a new stage called Porta Decumana from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.



Japanese arcades will receive the update on August 18. The game, made by Team Ninja, is much more battle-oriented than previous titles in the series, shedding its JRPG roots in favor of faster mechanics. Square has mentioned that they may be bringing the title to console one day, however no other official word has been provided since the game's release last year.


  1. Are they ever going to release this in American?

    • They might, but only if they release it on console in Japan first!


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