New Demon Gaze 2 footage revealed

The sequel to 2013's notoriously difficult title will feature dating mechanics previously never incorporated into the franchise before.

New footage of Demon Gaze 2 revealed!
Publisher Kadokawa Games released a new trailer for Demon Gaze 2 this weekend.

A new feature to the series, dating, is shown off in the video below. Touching minigames will help strengthen bonds between characters in the sequel to 2013's painstakingly challenging title.

デモンゲイズ2 2nd Trailer

Set in the fictional city of Asteria (the same world as the first game), demons exist not only as summons but also as companions in battle. Players will be able to complete dungeons, in fact, with a customizable party of unique monsters.

The dungeon-crawling JRPG will release exclusively for PlayStation Vita on October 13 in Japan, with no localization plans revealed yet for western audiences.

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