New characters coming to World of Final Fantasy

The newest game in the world-renowned series adds characters from both Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI to its already impressive lineup of series all-stars.

New characters coming to World of Final Fantasy
Weekly Famitsu Magazine reports in this week's issue that Square Enix's World of Final Fantasy will be adding Bartz and Boko from Final Fantasy V and Terra from Final Fantasy VI to the already expansive cast of characters in the game.

Other series heroes joining the JRPG's roster include Cloud Strife, Faris Scherwiz, Lightning, Squall Leonhart, and Yuna. A leaked image for the newest additions can be found below:

World of Final Fantasy screen from Famitsu Magazine
The title features gameplay reminiscent of the early days of the series, with a focus on accessibility for younger audiences.

World of Final Fantasy is set to release in Europe on October 28, in North America on October 25, and in Japan on October 27 for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Day One editions, limited editions, and collector's editions of the game are currently available for preorder.

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