My Hero One’s Justice Adds Dabi and Himiko

The League of Villains' newest members, Dabi and Himiko, have joined My Hero Academia's upcoming 3D fighting game, My Hero One's Justice!!

Publisher Bandai Namco has announced recently that hit anime series My Hero Academia's newest 3D fighting title, My Hero One's Justice, will be seeing the likes of The League of Villain's Dabi and Himiko as playable characters.

Revealed in the latest issue of Jump magazine in Japan, the following descriptions accompany each fighter:

Dabi is able to use his blue flames to attack from a distance and fight while restricting enemy movement. He can place his flames on the stage and use them as traps as well.

Himiko Toga specializes in swift knife attacks. By landing a certain move, she’s able to use her Quirk to transform into the opponent.

My Hero One's Justice will be released in Japan on August 23 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will arrive in the West for the aforementioned consoles plus Xbox One and PC later this year, though a concrete date hasn't been provided yet.

The full page from Jump can be found below:

Dabi and Himiko Join My Hero One’s Justice as Playable Characters
Are you excited about the game's latest additions? Judging by how much the internet loves Dabi and Himiko already, today's news will certainly bring smiles to plenty of anime fans – or least just those of My Hero Academia.

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