Monster Hunter World Features A Living, Breathing World

Information on the game's AI system, environments, monsters, designs, and maps were revealed at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend.

Monster Hunter World Features A Living, Breathing World
A bevy of new information was shared from this past weekend's Monster Hunter World panel at San Diego Comic Con. Though not livestreamed for public viewing, the event can be found in full in the video below courtesy of YouTube user TheJackalope.

Featuring an advanced AI system, the game takes place in a "living, breathing" ecosystem, with animals inhabiting different areas within the same zone, specifically a high-humidity area and a low-humidity area.The flora and fauna of each area are different as well, and a hierarchy can be found in which more challenging monsters can be found the deeper the player ventures into the zone.

The animals themselves are living, breathing systems in their own right, as each has its own territory in which it belongs to and unique ways to mark it. Though normally they won't interact with each other, an encounter will cause a fight for dominance.

The team traveled to different places in Australia and Japan for inspiration on the game not only from a visual standpoint, but a behavioral one as well, as the developers sought to learn how the reptiles in each country interacted with one another.

Other minutiae, including monster and weapon designs, rendering, and maps can all be found in the aforementioned video below:

SDCC 2017 Monster Huner World Panel

Monster Hunter World releases next year for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A PC release is confirmed for after the title's console debut.

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