Monster Hunter Film Starts Production This September

Capcom's Monster Hunter movie will begin filming this September, starring the Resident Evil film franchise's Milla Jovovich. The latter series' director, Paul W. S. Anderson, is also set to take the reigns of this video game adaptation.

Entertainment website Variety reports that production on Capcom's live action Monster Hunter film will begin this September. The movie will be directed by Resident Evil film franchise director Paul W. S. Anderson and star that series' lead, Milla Jovovich.

The film will have a budget of around $60 million courtesy of Constantin Film. It will be shot around Cape Town, South Africa.

Constantin Executive Board member Martin Moszkowicz has the following to say about the movie at Cannes Film Festival this year: “Paul has proven over and over he does stylish movies. It’s one of his big strong points. He can make a movie look good, is very much into visuals.” He went on to mention that the movie is meant to evolve into a series, very much in the same vein of Resident Evil before it.

For an idea of what to expect from this production, check out some test footage that was shared late last year below. Fingers crossed this adaptation will live up to its potential (and take a page from Jurassic Park, perhaps?).

[モンハン] Monster Hunter Movie Footage (Paul W.S. Anderson)

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