Life is Feudal – more FPS and optimization

Life is Feudal - more FPS and optimization.

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We heard from many players that the game is unplayable because of low FPS and not running smoothly. This should be optimized right now even it's not perfect from some reactions. And if you swing your sword then you should successfully hit your target because hit boxes are repaired.

Below are the short patch notes: 

  • Made some major render optimizations. Overall FPS should be higher now, especially in a heavily populated worlds with a lot of objects on the screen.

  • Reworked video settings menu. That should give you more tools to achieve an optimal balance of performance and quality

  • Objects that you carry on your back will be dropped at your position if you will be knocked down, knocked out, dead, in water or disconnected

  • Crossbows reload now properly root you in place

  • Added few info messages in a taming process

  • Fixed some client side crashes

  • Some minor client side optimizations

Life is Feudal Gameplay - Part 5: "Massive Castle!"

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