Kingdom Hearts III creator reveals new story details

Tetsuya Normura, via an interview through Famitsu, revealed new story details for the highly anticipated game, claiming the story to be 'overwhelming big' and explaining how the exciting finale to the Xehanort saga has already begun.

Kingdom Hearts III creator reveals new story details
According to series creator and game director Tetsuya Nomura, the long-awaited newest entry in the mainline Kingdom Hearts saga, Kingdom Hearts III, is "overwhelmingly big."

Speaking in a Famitsu interview, Nomura goes on to explain how no content has been sacrificed in sake of giving players the freedom to explore worlds right away, citing that the game's story has already begun via previous entries Kingdom Hearts 3D and Kingdom Hearts 0.2, thus affording the team more focus on the main game rather than the prologue.

Kingdom Hearts III creator reveals new story details
"In my own head, Kingdom Hearts III begins at Kingdom Hearts 3D. That's why I put the subtitle on Kingdom Hearts 2.8," Nomura says. "We want to enjoy the adventure right away, so I decided to try and keep the opening exposition part of Kingdom Hearts III as short as possible."

This action-first approach is mostly likely instated due to negative feedback on Kingdom Hearts II's Roxas tutorial, which took several hours to be completed.

No release window is yet known for the game, though it's currently confirmed in development for Xbox One and PS4.


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    So in other words Kingdom Hearts II had bad feedback for the same issue that Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword had

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      In fairness Kingdom Hearts III has had a lot more time to improve itself but yeah, looks like they’re really listening to the fans on this one!



      And yeah, I had no idea the finale already started either! Makes Kingdom Hearts 2.8 practically mandatory now haha

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    Wow! Just wow! I had no idea that the final part of the Xehanort saga was already going.

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    You need to go have Karel make a page for the game. Then put your article up there


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