Kingdom Hearts 3 to become PS4 exclusive?

Japanese fans speculate the title's exclusivity due to the removal of an Xbox One listing on the game's official website. Microsoft Japan has yet to comment on the change.

As spotted by diligent Japanese fans, Kingdom Hearts 3's website has removed its Xbox One listing from its website, leaving many questioning why publisher Square Enix would pull such a move closer to the game's release.

Though no release date is currently known, information about the title has been released at a steady pace, assuring that development on the highly anticipated JRPG is well underway. This leaves people assuming that the game will now release only as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, though no official word has been given.

Japanese tweet speculating Kingdom Hearts 3's exclusivity
Microsoft Japan has yet to comment on this change. The next iteration in the franchise, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, is set this release later this year in December for PlayStation 4.

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