Get the Best EA Games on Sale at Green Man Gaming

Say what you will about their practices, EA has released a ton of great games over the last couple decades. Would you like to buy some at amazing prices? Green Man Gaming now has a wide selection of EA games available on their site, and they're celebrating with big sales!

Get the Best EA Games on Sale at Green Man Gaming

Have an appetite for AAA games at reasonable prices? Green Man Gaming can supply you with the goods! To celebrate the publisher’s games being available on the site, they’re holding a celebration sale. Through this weekend, you can save up to 76% off select EA titles on Green Man Gaming, and even Jedi Fallen Order is on sale!

The only caveat is that EA titles are not available to customers located in Canada.

And if that wasn’t enough, more current titles are on sale through the site. Games such as GTFO, Dragon Quest Builders 2, and Vampire: The Masquerade – Coteries of New York are all at a 10% retail discount price through the 20th. An extra treat for those that may arrive late.

As a sample of games on sale during the EA promo, here’s a small listing of what’s available:

A selection of what's on sale at Green Man Gaming

A selection of what’s on sale at Green Man Gaming – Click the image to visit the site!

Be quick, as the sale ends soon! All your favorite EA games new and less new are available on Green Man Gaming.

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