WWE 2023 Draft Predictions

Here are some WWE 2023 Draft predictions. The 2023 WWE Draft has been officially announced for this year, and now is the time that we get to see members of the WWE roster find their way to their new homes, giving us new feuds in the process. It all happens on Raw and SmackDown on April 28th and May 1st.

WWE 2023 Draft Predictions

With the WWE Draft coming back this year, after the blockbuster announcement from Triple H…Speculations as to what will happen at this two-night event are already picking up steam. This is the first WWE Draft that has been offered by the company since 2021. So, with that said, here are some WWE 2023 Draft predictions. 

Bron Breakker Gets Drafted to the Main Roster

It seems safe to say that Bron Breakker, Mr. NXT 2.0 himself, is tying up loose ends down in NXT. After losing the title to Carmelo Hayes at NXT Stand & Deliver, it appears that Bron Breakker’s future is going through to the main roster via the Draft. Where will he end up is anyone’s guess, whether it’s Raw or SmackDown. Seeing as Austin Theory is on Raw, they might want to keep the two rising stars separated, and on two different shows for the time being. So, Bron Breakker could very well see himself being drafted to the blue brand. 

Bron Breakker – Fear No Evil (Entrance Theme)

Credit: WWEMusic

Alpha Academy Gets Separated

With things that have been happening for the last few weeks now, regarding Alpha Academy’s Otis, and the leader of the Maximum Male Models, Maxxine Dupri, in her attempt to try to recruit him into their stable…We very well could see the split-up of this awesome tag team. This also means that Otis could be a new member of the Maximum Male Models after the Draft has concluded. Where this leaves Otis’ tag team partner Chad Gable? He will more than likely become a solo act, and start to run through opponents on his way to a potential title shot for the United States Championship

Maxxine Dupri talking to Otis

Maxxine Dupri talking to Otis

The End of the Road for the Bloodline 

Let’s face it, this faction has had an amazing run within the company. I put them on this list because regardless of if they are disbanded as a result of the WWE Draft…they have already cemented their greatness as far as professional wrestling factions are concerned. Quite bluntly, they have nothing left to prove. People from all over the world thought that their reign as an unstoppable faction was going to end at WrestleMania 39. But, Roman Reigns winning his match against Cody Rhodes at the event bought them some more time as the top dog when it comes to stables in the WWE. But this can all come to an end at this year’s WWE Draft. Or, it could continue well after the Draft. You can’t go wrong with either path. 

Some members of The Bloodline

Some members of The Bloodline

Breakup of the Brawling Brutes

With backstage rumors that Triple H is considering bringing back Butch’s old NXT UK name, Pete Dunne, another possibility is that The Brawling Brutes might be going their separate ways after the Draft. Or this might just be a swerve, and Butch is staying as Butch all this time. Who knows? But just like the other disbandments on the list that might happen, you couldn’t go wrong with either choice moving forward with the faction. All three competitors are top-notch athletes that bring their own flavor to the matches they are in. Butch is a fast and nimble fighter. Ridge Holland is a rough powerhouse that doesn’t play games, and Sheamus is the perfect leader of the group. No matter if they continue to stay a faction, or go their separate ways, they all will have an impactful presence on the roster.

The Brawling Brutes NEW WWE Theme Song "Bring the Fire"

Credit: Devil Of Wrestling V2

NXT Call-Ups 

Looking at the fact that NXT is listed as a brand that will only see people leave their show, and go to one of the main roster’s shows, it’s a safe bet that we will see a handful of NXT talent being called up to either Raw or SmackDown throughout the duration of the Draft. This will give the main brands more avenues in terms of new matches, and new storylines. 

NXT logo

NXT logo

There you have it, some WWE 2023 Draft predictions. I for one can not wait for this event to kick off. 

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