Five Reasons to Add a Gamepad to Your PC Gaming Rig

The debate of which is better - a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad - is one that will rage on long after we are all gone and finished gaming. But, I’m here today to tell you that both are needed in order to truly enjoy gaming.

Five Reasons to Add a Gamepad to Your PC Gaming Rig
While many PC gamers shun the gamepad believing they are best left for consoles, there are many reasons why you should consider adding a gamepad to your tools of the trade even if you only game on a PC and not a console.

1. Better Comfort

Every PC gamer on the planet has felt the pain in their wrists from long sessions of gaming using keyboard and mouse. I’m pretty sure gamers have the carpal tunnel market cornered. If you play for longer sessions, chances are you are going to have to take a break or three to give you arms, hands, wrists, and even your head a break. While a gamepad can cause discomfort over long gaming periods, too, you will find that your wrists and hands will thank you if you switch to a controller. They are just more comfortable for longer gaming sessions and can relieve the stress on your wrists and hands if you use a keyboard and mouse all day long and then head home after a long day at work to play your favorite games.

Five Reasons to Add a Gamepad to Your PC Gaming Rig

2. Improved Controls on Some Titles

Before you scream at me, notice I said on some titles. I’m not here to debate whether a mouse and keyboard or gamepad are better. But what I will say is this: For some types of games, a gamepad is a much better tool for controlling your characters than a keyboard and mouse could ever be. For example, your favorite racing game, or even driving game for that matter, such as GTA5. It’s just easier to get around town using a controller than it is a keyboard and mouse. The same can be said for platform games as well or any game that has you in cockpit flying. Sure, this doesn’t include all games, and I do believe an FPS such as Call of Duty is played better with a keyboard and mouse, but if you like a variety of games in your collection, a gamepad is simply a must.

Five Reasons to Add a Gamepad to Your PC Gaming Rig

3. More Game Immersion

One of my favorite things about a really great video game is its ability to immerse you into the world in which you are playing. I love the feeling of being part of the action. But, there is nothing more distracting and more immersion reducing than fumbling with the keyboard I’m using while I play. Forgetting a keyboard command, for example, is one of the worst things that can happen to a player looking for an immersive experience. However, with a gamepad, the controls are often fairly simple and it’s easy to remember how to access every menu and system that you need while you play. This helps me stay in gaming mode and become fully engrossed in the game I’m playing. Let’s a see a keyboard and mouse do that.

Five Reasons to Add a Gamepad to Your PC Gaming Rig

4. They Are Convenient

A great gaming keyboard and mouse combo are definitely a must on a gaming PC, whether it’s a gaming laptop or desktop. But, what if you want to do a little gaming on the go. Sure, if you have a laptop, you can stick with the keyboard that’s included, but it won’t have all the bells and whistles of your keyboard. That means for serious gaming, you will have to lug your keyboard and mouse with you to play. That’s not always very convenient, now is it? On the other hand, if you have a gamepad, all the functionality you will need is built right into it and it’s small enough to slide in your bag and go with you wherever you want to go.

Five Reasons to Add a Gamepad to Your PC Gaming Rig

5. They Are Fun

I know. Some of you may be thinking that I don’t know what I’m talking about. But, as a gamer with a few years under his belt, I can think of nothing better than sitting down at a console or a computer, grabbing a gamepad and playing one of my favorite games. There is just something about using a gamepad or other style controller that just screams fun to me. After all, during the day, I’m constantly using a mouse and keyboard for work. Do I really want to spend another three hours of leisure time using them even more? I think not.

Five Reasons to Add a Gamepad to Your PC Gaming Rig

Parting Thoughts

Remember, this isn’t an article about which is better. In fact, I believe that if you are serious about PC gaming, you need both a good keyboard and mouse and a high quality gamepad in your arsenal. Whether you decide to invest in a good gaming laptop or a good cheap gaming PC, I would always invest in a controller so you can have the best gaming experience possible for certain games.

At the end of the day, a gamepad is simply another tool you can add to your collection that will help you enjoy some of the best video games out there. While it won’t work perfectly for every title you play, i believe you will find it a much needed accessory if you hope to get the most out of your PC games.

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