Final Fantasy XV Saga Concludes with Touching Artwork

Final Fantasy XV's A New Dawn DLC series may be cancelled, but its stories live on in a novel called The Dawn of the Future. Square Enix revealed another piece of artwork for the franchise in celebration of the book's launch. Spoilers: it may make you emotional.

Final Fantasy XV Saga Concludes with Touching Artwork
Though most of Final Fantasy XV‘s second batch of DLC has been cancelled, each story will live on as a novel called The Dawn of the Future. In celebration of the book’s release today, Square Enix took to Twitter to reveal one last piece of artwork for the game. Check it out below:

It’s no surprise that this illustration serves as the book’s front and back covers. For those who are curious, The Dawn of the Future sheds more light on Episode Ardyn and looks at Noctis, Aranea, and Lunafreya’s side stories, too. All of these were originally planned to be part of a 2019 DLC set called A New Dawn. Unfortunately, the latter three were cancelled by Square Enix around the same time that the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, left the company in October 2018.

Square Enix included a message with the artwork that thanked fans for their dedication throughout the years. Courtesy of Twinfinite, the Tweet reads “The fact that we’ve come so far is definitely thanks to all the fans. Thank you very much for your continued support of Final Fantasy XV. From the whole development team, thank you very much. From now on, please watch over Noctis and the gang who recieved a new ending.”

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition – Official Launch Trailer (w/subs)

The fact that episodes Noctis, Aranea, and Lunafreya were cancelled last year indicates that the team behind Final Fantasy XV could already be hard at work developing the next numbered installment to the series. Then again, they could be helping out Tetsuya Nomura with Final Fantasy VII Remake. It remains to be seen what Square Enix has in store for JRPG fans.

For now, they can sit back and relax while they read The Dawn of the Future. The novel is out now on Japanese bookshelves. An overseas release is planned, but an exact date hasn’t been revealed yet.

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