Federation Square gives Melburnians a taste of PAX Aus

A taste of gaming greatness: PAX Aus arrived early at Federation Square

Federation Square gives Melburnians a taste of PAX Aus

Australia's biggest annual celebration of gaming took off early this year, giving passersby the chance to experience a gaming extravaganza at Melbourne's iconic Federation Square.

This is the fourth year PAX Australia will be held in Melbourne, but its first official introduction prior to the main event. Onlookers were invited to take part in cosplay demonstrations, challenge opponents to a giant Jenga match, and enter the draw to win a free 3-day pass to PAX Aus. Several local independently brewed games including Heist, Aura of Worlds, Skedaddle and Spryke were also available and free to play.

Quirky 2.5D platformer Skedaddle stars a loris protagonist

PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) is a series of gaming festivals that first launched in 2004. With its soaring popularity, PAX would eventually split into multiple events to cater to the rapidly increasing attendance levels. Today, PAX is held at four locations worldwide: Seattle, Boston, San Antonio and Melbourne. PAX Australia will take place from November 4-6 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. For registration information and further details, you can visit the official website here.


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