Fate/Grand Order Seasonal Event Announced At Otakon 2017

The hit mobile game is getting a new seasonal event very soon on August 17, set to offer players a limited time 5-star Heroic Spirit of the Archer class and a myriad of new goodies.

Fate/Grand Order Seasonal Event Announced At Otakon 2017Photo courtesy of Chono Black.

Aniplex announced anime mobile sensation Fate/Grand Order's newest seasonal event titled “Does Moon Goddess Dream of Dumplings?” at their panel at Otakon this past weekend, expected to run very soon between August 17 and August 24.

Featuring a story written by series creator Kinoko Nasu, the event introduces a limited time 5-star Heroic Spirit of the Archer class named the Moon Goddess. Coinciding with the Moon Festival known as tsukimi in Japan, players are tasked with solving the mystery surrounding an enigmatic spirit who appears on the night of the Moon Festival.

Fate/Grand Order's newest Moon seasonal event
The aforementioned brand-new, Fate/Grand Order-exclusive Heroic Spirit named Orion, found above, can be obtained alongside a plethora of new treats including the Craft Essences Moon Goddess’ Bath (five-star SSR), the Moony Jewel (four-star SR)the Mooncell Automation (three-star R), and the Craft Essence Moonlight Fest (five-star SSR).

In order to participate, players must challenge the event quests at Chaldea Gate and collect the two types of dumplings that drop from the quests. Subsequently, they have to collect enough Special Dumplings to unlock the event story and, if they go above and beyond the task, can exchange Moon Dumplings for prizes.

Fate/Grand Order is currently available for iOS and Android.

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