Entropia Universe – creature controlling and taming

Entropia Universe - creature controlling and taming.

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From release 14.9 you can be in the skin (seriously) of some mobs. You just need to consume the "Creature Control Capsule" and then you will transform into the creature. And the fun begins. You will get a new Creature control interface

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and can harm and kill other avatars even in the safe zones. But be careful because they can hit back! You got also a counter of how many avatars you killed, what creature of what level you transformed into and more. What's even better you stay anonymous therefore nobody can identify your real avatar.

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And today with the patch 15.0 Taming comes into the game. Each planet will receive one low-level tamable creature.

  • Arkadia – Nusul Puny

  • Calypso – Bristlehog Puny

  • Cyrene – Young Arret

  • Rocktropia – Panther Puny

  • Toulan – Tabtab Puny

In the following updates you will get new features. Your pet will get buffs and equipment and next year ComPet application will release to stay more in touch with your pet.

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