Dragon Quest XI’s scenario is almost complete

The newest title in the popular Square Enix franchise had new information announced yesterday courtesy of a panel hosted at CEDEC 2016. Status on the game's scenario and a development update was provided by the series' creator and producer.

Dragon Quest XI's scenario is almost complete
Popular Square Enix franchise Dragon Quest saw series creator Yuji Horii and Producer Yosuke Saito host a panel yesterday at CEDEC 2016 that culminated in new information for Dragon Quest XI for PlayStation 4, 3DS, and Nintendo NX.

The men revealed that the scenario for the JRPG was almost complete and that the team is now implementing maps and ironing out details. The responses for the 3D display on 3DS and the battle system for PS4 are being reviewed too, as well the Spell of Restoration mechanic that used a password system to save player progress in earlier iterations.

A casino was revealed for the game as well.

Dragon Quest XI - First PS4 Gameplay

Although no release date is known, the title has been recently confirmed for Nintendo NX.

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