Digimon World -Next Order- could be coming West

The JRPG could be coming stateside, if a listing by Brazil's Advisory Rating Board is any indication. Giving players the power to choose between a male or female protagonist, the game might be ported to the PlayStation 4 system from it's original PlayStation Vita version in Japan.

Digimon World -Next Order- could be coming West
Brazil's Advisory Rating Board listed an entry for a PlayStation 4 version of Bandai Namco's Digimon World -Next Order- yesterday, indicating that the title may be finding it's way West soon.

Having shipped in Japan on March 17 this year for PlayStation Vita, the JRPG gives players the choice of a male or female protagonist and two downloadable scenarios based on previous entires in the series. A full synopsis can be found below courtesy of the game's publisher, as well as box art:

While the the reconstruction of the town that Kouta and Himari encountered was progressing smoothly, a way to counter the threat of Mugendramon (Machinedramon) has still not been found. At the same time, the protagonists are asked to go to meet Taomon, the leading sage of the Digital World who has more knowledge than even Jijimon.

Having headed to Taomon, the protagonists will the learn truth of what's happening in this world…

PS Vita Box Art for Digimon World -Next Order-
The same board also rated Dragon Ball Fusions for 3DS last week.

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