Diablo 2: Resurrected – Underrated Magic Find Zones

Diablo 2: Resurrected has many different locations a player can farm to maximize their character's potential, and these zones are the best kept secrets. Not only they can provide the player variety to the magic finding experience, but these zones can also compete the popular zones in some ways.

Diablo 2 Resurrected – Underrated Magic Find Zones

Are you tired of farming the popular zones like The Pit and Ancient Tunnels? Well, you’ve come to the right places. These zones are definitely going to be worth farming if you want to mix it up. There’s no doubt that Diablo 2 can be a game that exhaust you mentally if you keep farming the same zones over and over again. These areas will be good for those that want to take a break from the meta magic finding zones and of course, you’ll still be able to find stuff while you’re at it.

This list will start off various zones from Act 1 to 5. Keep in mind; this is not a ranking of these magic finding zones. It’s a list of all the areas that are generally not too popular to magic find, but you should try them out because they do have their benefits.

Burial Grounds (The Crypt & The Mausoleum)

The first place to recommend is the Burial Grounds. You are not going to be farming the actual zone, but you are targeting the optional dungeons that are nearby them: The Crypt and The Mausoleum.

These two dungeons offer high level monsters that can drop useful items like Vampire Gaze to Griffon’s Eye. They are also very easy to farm which can makes them an excellent place to farm with characters that aren’t using the best gear in the world. If you do have high end equipment on your character, you’ll be able to do runs much faster which will make these two zones great for hunting down rares, sets, and uniques.

It’s important to know that The Crypt is a level 83 area, and not 85 like The Mausoleum. There are some items you won’t be able to get from The Crypt versus The Mausoleum. The Crypt does have an advantage over the Mausoleum for including Bonebreaker; a Super Unique mob that can drop two items for you and is guarded by a sparkly chest.

Burial Grounds is also known as Blood Raven's home.

Burial Grounds is also known as Blood Raven’s home.

My last ladder reset on old Diablo 2, I actually found an Arachnid Mesh from The Mausoleum. This was certainly a nice item to find and it was just a couple of days after the ladder restart, so this was an excellent find for me.

You can also sneak in Blood Raven for potential good drops if you like, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I still remember the early days when I tried farming her for experimental purposes, and it was not worth it.

Overall, the two dungeons are certainly worth farming whether it’s the beginning of a new ladder season to the endgame stage.

Bone Ash

The next zone is perhaps one of my favorite places to farm of all time. It’s not the actual best place to farm once you’ve acquired high end gear, but when you’re still hunting for the nice endgame equipment, Bone Ash and his minions are there for you.

First and foremost, his minions are fairly easy to fight, and it’s also convenient to navigate. You only need to have the Inner Cloister location, and you are good to go. I absolutely farm this place heavily every time I have a fresh new character because Bone Ash is almost like an easier version of Pindleskin.

Bone Ash won't do much threat to a Hammerdin.

Bone Ash won’t do much threat to a Hammerdin.

Pindleskin can be very tough to farm without having decent gear because he hits like a truck. This can be applied to his minions also; which can slow you down or kill your character permanently if you play Hardcore mode. Due to these reasons, I never like to farm Pindleskin until I have the right gear for it.

Bone Ash’s minions can sometimes spawn as Specters, and these guys are known for having good drop rates for runes. I have managed to get an Ohm Rune from them before, so that’s another nice thing to know when farming Bone Ash. Speaking of high runes, the highest rune that you can get from Bone Ash is a Ber Rune! I personally never gotten a Ber Rune from him, but it could potentially happen.

I’ve gotten tons of useful unique from Bone Ash and his companions, so definitely give it a try if you do plan on participating another ladder reset for Diablo 2. He’s probably the best location in the game that you’ve never farmed.

The Palace Cellar

This next place is certainly a niche location, but I do recommend it mainly because of how easy it is to get access to the waypoint. The density is also fairly respectable too, and it can also be a great place for melee builds as long you have the Lawbringer runeword with you for the physical immunes. I recommend players to kill everything from level 1 to 3 for maximum farming efficiency.

Just like Bone Ash, the Palace Cellar is more of an area you can farm when you are still trying to chase some items that can help you towards the endgame stage of Diablo 2. You can find items like Herald of Zakarum or Highlord’s Wrath in this location. It also includes a Super Unique monster called Fire Eye which means he’s guaranteed to drop two items every time you kill him.

The Palace Cellar is not too much of a farming spot you’ll be grinding in the long term, but it can be very helpful mainly because of its ease of access. It’s also a visually nice place to look at especially in the updated graphics. Not only that, you get to hear its awesome soundtrack while you’re killing demons left and right.

Diablo 2 - Harem (HQ)

Video credit: AnotherGeneric.

River of Flame

I’ve also been a fan of farming this particular location in Act 4, and I think it is the best niche farming spot for it. It’s none other than the River of Flame. It’s a massive level 85 area that’s jam packed with monsters, so that means it can drop valuable items like Death’s Web and of course, huge density for potential runes and socket-based items that can drop. This location can spawn in Finger Mages, which they have elevated rune drop rates. Every Diablo 2 player loves their high runes, so this place is worth farming if you want those high runes.

You can also combo this area with Chaos Sanctuary if you want to, so there’s alternative ways in how you can farm this area. There are a couple of downsides of farming the River of Flame. The mobs that tend to spawn the baby variants of themselves don’t give you any loot and experience, and it can be a rather tough place to farm if you don’t have the right gear.

Arreat Plateau & Thresh Socket

It’s debatable whether farming Thresh Socket is considered underrated since some folks like to do a fast teleport to him and combo in with other locations . However, I personally prefer to walk to him from the Arreat Plateau waypoint. That’s how I prefer to farm Thresh Socket if I want to be serious with him.

This location is definitely a place I’ll farm if it gets terrorized because of how easy the mobs are and sometimes the density is surprisingly excellent. It can be annoying to navigate because there are these base-like walls that can slow you down. If you have a teleport amulet or a Naj’s Puzzler on switch, you can easily bypass that problem.

Even when the place is not terrorized, you can still get good items here because the mobs are high enough level to drop items like Tal Rasha’s Guardianship (Tal’s Armor).

I’ve also gotten a couple of high runes from Thresh’s Evil Urn, so make sure you pop those every time you kill him!

Glacial Trail & Drifter Cavern

The next area is certainly one of my favorite optional dungeons to farm in Act 5 and that is the Drifter Cavern. But just like the last farming zone I mentioned, I actually like to get to Drifter Cavern by starting off the Glacial Trail waypoint and walk my way from there.

The main reason why is the place does have a chance to spawn in Specters which I like killing them for high rune chances. Glacial Trail is also jam packed with lots of monsters, so that’s good for potential drops that can be worth keeping whether they’re uniques or rares.

There’s also an optional Super Unique called Bonesaw Breaker if you are traversing from the waypoint. He can be dangerous to attack, but that is also an option you can choose to tackle if you want more potential good drops along the way.

Taking on a pack of Moon Lords as a Zeal Paladin is always fun.

Taking on a pack of Moon Lords as a Zeal Paladin is always fun.

Once you reached to Drifter Cavern, you just simply kill all the monsters there. Drifter Cavern is definitely a nice place to go to even though the map size isn’t that large, but it’s generally packed with a reasonable amount of mobs that can easily offer you something good if you keep running it a lot.

It should be noted that in old Diablo 2, the dungeon is a level 84 area while in Resurrected, it’s a level 85. It does come with a sparkly chest that you can open up for potential goodies, but I cannot remember if I ever gotten anything good from it.

Both Glacial Trail and Drifter Cavern does have Evil Urns which you can activate to spawn in more boss packs if you choose. It’s up to you whether you want to do that because sometimes you might get some very threatening mobs, and it’s probably best to avoid that.

Icy Cellar

The final area to mention is without a doubt the hardest zone to farm compared to all the previous zones. It’s certainly a place that you want to have high end gear, but it is fun to magic find if you want a challenge, and it can also reward you with some nice stuff. Icy Cellar is probably on par with Nihlathak and Baal runs when it comes to its difficulty.

Icy Cellar can be the sickest nightmare in the eyes of every Diablo 2 player. The place includes mobs like Death Lords, Stygian Dolls, Burning Souls, Claw Vipers, and Witches. With that said, it can be a great place to find runes because there is a chance where you can encounter the Burning Souls and Specters as a combo which means every time you kill them, they can potentially drop a desirable rune. I have gotten a Cham rune from this place before.

Another great thing about Icy Cellar is there are absolutely no fire immune mobs in this place. You can easily remove your Flame Rift Charm when farming this place, or if you still play old Diablo 2, this place will be an excellent location for fire builds. In Resurrected, the place has been updated to be a level 85 area while in the old version; it’s a level 83 area.

The physical immune Witches variant is a big problem for your mercenary & melee builds.

The physical immune Witches variant is a big problem for your mercenary & melee builds.

Also, by the time you get all your high end gear, it can be theoretically boring to farm places like The Pit because it loses its difficulty when your gear is so good. This is where Icy Cellar can excel; it brings back the excitement to the player when there is challenge and risks involved.

If you plan on farming this place on Hardcore mode, I recommend having lots of damage reduction and make sure you take it slowly. If you get the dolls and the witches that cast Amplify Damage on you, there is a chance you can take up to thousands of damage from the doll’s explosion, and that is probably the deadliest combination you can face while farming this dungeon.

There is also a Super Unique mob in this area that is named Snapchip Shatter. He’s not that threatening outside of always having the ability to curse you, so be careful of that. Other than that, Icy Cellar is certainly a place that’s only worth farming in the endstage of Diablo 2, and is only targeted for those who want to put their characters’ lives at stake.

Those are my suggestions for players that want to magic find non meta zones. They will certainly keep the game refreshing, and once you’ve took a good enough break from the meta zones, you’ll probably have more energy to continue farming them again. Remember, variety is the spice of life and it totally applies to Diablo 2.

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    Flayer Jungle! Tons of easily killable Flayers/Soul Killers and you get a double boss drop from defeating unique Flayer Shamans. Plus super unique with Witch Doctor Endugu in the Flayer Dungeon.


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