Darkfall: UW – new patch in 2 weeks?

Darkfall: UW - new patch in 2 weeks?

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It's a little bit hard to believe in another development of Darkfall: Unholy Wars. Majority of players have left many months ago but we must say that it's great that the development continues. And another proof should be online in the last week of February. New patch will be released. What changes and features can you expect?

Clan perks

All Hamlets around Agon will receive clan perks system and should increase the motivation of owning a hamlet and fight over the most valuable with the best perks.

Instant travel

Because the world feels less populated since the players can easily teleport around the world this possibility will be denied from now on. Rune stones and Summon Friend will be removed. And teleportation more expensive and limited.

Mount changes

You can scream finally. Because after maybe 4 years the change in mounts is coming. They will differentiate by costs, disadvantages, recipes and mount tiers. Higher mount tiers will have increased value for every attribute.

Dynamic events

Random events will happen 24/7 around the world of Agon. After killing defined nubmer of random monsters, boss will spawn with buffed loot and marker will be placed in the map.


There is more to it and you can find details about the leaderboard here.


The studio will tweak some abilities and fix some exploits.

Not bad at all. If you play the game then you should be happy that new patch is coming and improving the gameplay.

Darkfall Unholy Wars Anniversary Video

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