CEGC 2016 from Feb 17 to 21, 2016

The 2nd Central European Games Conference (CEGC) by Games Austria will be held at the University of Vienna on February 17-21, 2016, with the main conference taking place on February 18-19.

CEGC 2016

The program will again feature two days of main conference with an indie expo (February 18-19) and the Austria Game Jam (February 20-21), while the addition of a dedicated developer day (February 17) will bring this year’s conference to a full five days of networking and creating opportunities.

For 2016, the conference will be hosted by The University of Vienna (Universität Wien), a cradle of higher education in Central Europe, as well as home to many historical figures in the fields of arts, science and humanities. 

The diverse environment nurtured by the University of Vienna is the perfect playground in which CEGC attendees can interact with their fellow peers, as well as show off their latest work.

CEGC 2015

CEGC 2015


For the second edition, Diversity has been chosen as the central theme. This aims to showcase the variety and individuality of the Central European region’s professionals, promoting inclusivity at the same time. CEGC 2016 does not set narrow boundaries when it comes to the de finition of the word ‘’diversity’’, but chooses to apply this value to the topics that are close and relatable to Games Austria and its members, and the games industry. 

"Central Europe is a place like no other. Apart from the similarities and shared history, the differences make this region unique. From small indie studios tohuge AAA power houses, there is a different culture and a different world view behind every game maker's story.’’ – Martin Pichlmair, Head of CEGC AdvisoryBoard 

To support this theme and to further encourage visitors from various CEcountries, the CEGC 2016 program will provide advice and inspiration to developers of their areas and include highlights from Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic. To facilitate the interchange between these areas, CEGC is cooperating with local associations and organizations to provide buses to the conference as a service to attendants from Croatia, Slovenia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

CEGC 2015

CEGC 2015


As a part of its diversity promotion, CEGC 2016 introduces the new Central European Women in Games Summit. With the aim to encourage the acceptance and better integration of women in the games sector, especially in Central Europe, CEGC strives for an equal treatment for everyone in order to build astronger games industry. Thus all attendants regardless of gender are invited to join and contribute to the talks and discussions on the topics raised by our speakers.


Following its course from the previous year, CEGC 2016 would like to bring the spotlight to those who usually remain behind the scenes during the creation of games. The CEE++ Summit invites everyone to attend the talks with facilitators of the games industry: games associations, incubators, accelerators,governmental structures, educational institutions, and all the otherorganizations that keep the games world turning. Sharing the experience, learning from each other, establishing proper communication are CEGC goals in order to help bring games to life.


New at CEGC, our Education Summit is one of the very few events thatprovides information about education in relation to game development. Games Austria seeks to fill this gap, as CEGC 2016 invites educational institutions to inform its attendees more about educational possibilities, challenges and needs, in terms of creating games. Another goal is to streng then the bond between educational institutions and game development companies, thus making sure there will always be continuous growth within our still young industry sector.

CEGC 2015

CEGC 2015


Official Website: www.cegconf.com

You can buy tickets for the Central European Games Conference here.

Become part of the team that helps build CEGC on site: www.cegconf.com/#volunteer 

Show off your game in the CEGC Indie Expo

Watch the highlights from last year on YouTube Channel

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