Biggest Horror Games Releasing January 2023

New Year begins and this list highlights the biggest horror games releasing this January 2023. This month’s games include highly anticipated remakes, as well as smaller titles that show a lot of promise. If you’re looking for scares to start the year with, you can’t go wrong with these games.

5 Biggest Horror Games Releasing January 2023

As 2023 begins there’s not long to wait for new horror games to come out, with a some of the biggest coming out this January. Of course, the upcoming Dead Space remakes is the main event of the month. However, if you are looking for something unfamiliar there are some exciting sequels and new games in both the mainstream and indie space to sink your teeth into. Turn off the lights, wrap up warm and dig into the biggest horror games releasing this January 2023!

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Dead Space

One of the biggest horror releases of 2023 is fortunately coming out on the 27th of January. Dead Space is one of the most beloved survival/action horror games ever released, with praise for the it’s fantastic monsters, great and unique gameplay and oppressive story.  You control Isaac Clarke as he explores a ship that has gone radio silent. However he isn’t alone. There’s nothing quite like dark halls of the Ishimura and being stalked by the Necromorphs

The remakes comes with a number of updates and upgrades to the original. The graphics have obviously seen huge improvements, but so has the gameplay. The game also now boasts a seamless experience with no loading screens. Whether you’re familiar with the series, or you’ve never played it, the Dead Space remake is well worth your time and attention.

The Dead Space Remakes releases on the 27th of January on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows.

Dead Space Official Gameplay Trailer

Children of Silentown

The Children of Silentown is an upcoming horror/dark adventure game, with a wonderful hand drawn style that has garnered it a lot of attention. In this game you play as a young girl named Lucy. She lives in a village, surrounded by dense forests filled with monsters, and with people going missing, she decides to investigate.

Children of Silentown was developed by Elf Games, which saw a lot of praise for their previous game, Little Briar Rose, which also utilised a striking visual style. With a dark story and setting, the game has you solve puzzles and learn music to uncover the mystery of the townsfolk disappearances. Children of Silentown looks to be a unique new game for those looking for something dark to play through the winter months.

Children of Silentown releases on the 11th January 2023 on Microsoft Windows.

Children of Silentown Trailer

Surviving the Abyss

Surviving the Abyss is a debut title, but looks like it will be popular for horror fans. Developed by Rocket Flair Studios, you take control of a underwater facility, deep under the ocean. You are charged with conducting experiments during the Cold War. Not only must manage and grow the facility, but you need to protect your staff from unseen horrors that lurk in the dark of the abyss.

It’s not often that you see sim games mixed with horror. However that fascinating premise, and underwater setting have great potential. Maintaining basic human needs such as oxygen and food, whilst also keeping fear at bay sounds awesome. If you enjoy both sim games and horrors, this one might be right up your alley as one of the biggest horror games of January 2023. If you fear the ocean, perhaps give it a wide berth, as who knows what lurks in the darkness.

Surviving the Abyss release on the 17th January 2023 on Microsoft Windows.

Surviving The Abyss Announcement Trailer - Paradox Arc

Death in the Water 2

Another game that will haunt anyone with thalassophobia is Death in the Water 2. The game is a survival horror set in the ocean. The developers Lighthouse Games have described a wave based shooter. You do a series of dives into a open world map, looking for treasure and exploring. This is complicated by a the Kraken, which controls the sea life into attacking you.

The setting, creatures and atmosphere look great for horror fans. The monsters are a mix of real and mythological, all of which are procedurally animated. With so many creatures out for blood you get a plethora of weapons to help you survive. From spear guns to grenades, as well as upgrades and perks, such as dolphins that will fight for you. With other wave based horrors being successful, such as Call of Duty Zombies and Killing Floor, this one seems like a unique addition to the genres pantheon of games.

Death in the Water 2 releases in January 2023 (release day TBA) on Microsoft Windows.

Death in the Water 2 - The Kraken reveal

Creature Lab

The last on this list of biggest horror games of January 2023 is mad scientist simulator Creature Lab. This time you get to be the evil one, rather than the monster. You conduct experiments, twisting and mutilating bodies into abominations to serve your will. You must learn how to mutate your victims, unlocking new limbs and features to make them more powerful. Then you can unleash them on the town to test them and salvage items.

You don’t regularly see Frankenstein simulators, but Creature Lab offers this interesting take on the horror genre. Whilst you create your menagerie of monsters you need to be careful not to draw too much attention to your secret lab. It’s a blast of a premise and worth your time if you’re sick of being the one chased in a horror game.

Creature Lab releases on the 19th of January 2023 on Microsoft Windows with a kickstarter for a console release.

Creature Lab - Official Release Date Trailer

Indie offerings

As always, here are the indie offerings for those looking for smaller horrors to play through the night.

  • Breakout 13 – If you want something very different from the usual horror scene, then check out Breakout 13. This game is an interactive cinematic experience, set in a youth correctional facility. You must learn how to survive the institute, whilst enduring torture such as electroshock therapy. At the same time, there is a conspiracy to be unravelled. Breakout 13 releases on the 9th January 2023 on Steam.
  • Cats CradleCats Cradle is an adaptation of The Bad Kids, a Chinese suspense show. Take control of an investigation into what happened to Zhu Chaoyang. Solve puzzles, explore the world and find clues. The art style looks great and the story is perfect for those who like their detective genre mixed with horror. Cat’s Cradle releases on the 17th of January 2023 on Steam.

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