Big Massive Trade-In Thing starts today in UK stores

GAME unveils ‘Big Massive Trade-In Thing’. Out with the old, in with the new.

Big Massive Trade-In Thing starts today in UK stores

12 January 2017

GAME today unveiled its ‘Big Massive Trade-In Thing’ in stores throughout the UK to encourage people to clear out their games cupboard and unlock the thousands of pounds tied up in old games and consoles.

GAME has estimated that over 800,000 new consoles and over 3 million new games are sold in the UK in November and December meaning a lot of older consoles and games are gathering dust in people’s homes. Trading-in allows gamers to put credit towards upgrading their games collection or console.

Launched by GAME ‘sell-out’ and Inbetweeners star James Buckley in an online video, the special 11-day event kicks off on Thursday 12th January with extra deals to complement GAME’s existing Trade-In offer and encourage people to bring their old consoles and games into store.

From 12th-22nd January, GAME is offering even more money for trade-ins:

  • £1 extra per game
  • £10 extra per console

GAME’s unique Trade-In offer allows customers to trade in unwanted games, consoles and electronics, in exchange for cash or credit. This can then be spent in-store or online on the latest games and hardware; perfect for gamers looking to clear out after Christmas and save money on new releases.

GAME Reward card-holders also earn 1 per cent of the trade-in value in GAME Reward points, saving more money on the total price of new purchases.

For the latest information about GAME’s Trade-In offer, visit the official website. 

See the James Buckley’s video announcing the ‘Big Massive Trade-In Thing’ below:

A magical offer | GAME’s Big Massive Trade-in Thing | Jan 12th-22nd

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