AX ’17: Gal Gun VR Early Look

New information on the upcoming VR entry in the franchise was revealed at Anime Expo 2017, including a new weapon and enhanced capabilities to explore both the world and the girls in them.

AX '17: Gal Gun VR Early Look
An early version of Gal*Gun VR was shown off at Anime Expo this weekend, revealing new information as to what may appear in the final version of the game.

Players will now be able to control the camera, allowing not only for a 360 degree view of the environment (and the girls in them), but for greater freedom to explore the virtual world. There'll be greater, uh, "freedom" to explore the girls too, as users now have the ability to hide in manholes, catching glimpses of up-skirt every chance they can get. This feature ties into a broader range of stealth moves that will be featured in the final game.

A new weapon called the Demon Sweeper was revealed, and it's essentially a giant vacuum used to suck in the little demons found in previous entries in the franchise. The Sweeper will be powered-up by Buster Points, which are awarded to players who shoot girls where they “enjoy it most.” There Points can also be used to upgrade main protagonist Houdai's gear and feed her snacks in her room (of course).

Buster Points can be lost in the returning changing room feature. Girls will be changing their clothes and ask the player to turn around, and the more the user goes to take a peek, the more Points will be lost.

Gal*Gun VR Early Screenshot
Doki Doki mode will also return, where girls will be allowed to be posed in multiple positions. Side-quests will also be returning, being more "interactive" this time around.

A release date has yet to be announced for the title, and its platforms are currently unannounced as well. There's still no word as to who the publisher will be, even. One thing's for certain, though: judging from the crowd at Expo, people sure seem excited for this.

What do you think of Gal*Gun VR's new information? Are you exited for the title? Let us know in the comments below!

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