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Armello Guest Characters and New Map Come to Antihero

Dickensian orphans and literary classics don't get to have all the fun. Fans of Armello should be delighted to see four new characters added to the Antihero lineup.

Armello Guest Characters and New Map Come to Antihero
Tired of dirt-covered Dickensian tykes? Has too much blood splashed onto your best petticoat? Or perhaps you've just wondered how a fantasy-era anthropomorphic rat would do on the mean streets of London. Either way, the newest DLC for the thievery board game, Antihero, may just offer up what you seek.

While the previous character packs offered up avatars based on classic literature, the latest DLC will equip players with four animal antiheroes borrowed from the game Armello. Thane, Twiss, Mercurio, and The King become unlocked for players to act as their master thief, scouring the dimly-lit cobblestone streets of London looking to make a quick coin.

While the other five characters you can get for the game fit with its aesthetic, the characters from Armello certainly stand out, but in a good way. The creators have used this DLC as a chance to really have fun with what they can offer players for only two bucks and some change. They breathe some new life, albeit only a puff, into the fog-clearing title.

As usual, different characters do not offer up different stats or abilities, so these animal avatars are purely cosmetic. Because of this, even for how cheap the character pack is, it's really suited only for devout fans of Antihero and/or Armello. Available for all players, however, is a new map and some gameplay tweaks in the latest patch.

Armello Guest Characters and New Map Come to Antihero - The Agency
"The Agency" is a simple map that focuses on bribes, the victory points you can purchase for an ever-increasing number of lanterns. While in other maps bribes act as an instant, though expensive, victory point, on this new map the bribes are cheaper, but must be delivered to a central hub. This hub can be guarded by purple henchmen, but could also be guarded by your own thugs. Upset your opponent by blocking their access to the Agency and those bribes they purchased will be worth nothing unless they spend an action or two taking out your thugs.

Some buffs and nerfs come along as well. Burglary was always sometimes of a minor bump to your path to victory, serving only to finance your loftier goals. Because of this, the Art Critic skill was usually best passed over in favor of other talents. Now the skill gives an additional gold along with the lanterns. Estates were often more trouble than they were worth, but now, at least upon the first casing, there will be no guards halting your progress. After that first visit, though, guards will appear, so it becomes a game of speed to loot the estates before your opponent.

Henchmen receive a nerf for the late game. Now rather than always spawning with two health, there will be a 50% chance they come into being with only one. This makes them a bit more susceptible to newly recruited gangs and cheap daggers.

Overall these aren't major changes to how the game is played, just tweaks to accompany the latest DLC, though neither affects the other. If nothing else, the nearly $3 for the DLC can go towards showing your support for this charming game. And hey, you get some awesome animal thieves along with it. Win-win.

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