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ArcheAge – marketplace update

ArcheAge - marketplace update. What's in it?

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As a present for new year all players of ArcheAge can buy new items from the store. What was added?

Marketplace items

  • Friendly Flyer Treasure Chest – it has a chance to contain a rare Sloth Glider. What's more there will be for a limited time (until next update) chance to drop one of four types of high-tier Feast Table.

  • Pet Dual Recovery Potion – as it's clear from the name you can heal your pet

Loyalty Store Items

  • Sloth Glider – you can get the glider from the new Friendly Flyer Chest for 350 LT

  • Rumbling Archem Tree Sapling – for 35 LT you can buy new sapling with a much higher chance to become Thunderstruck

There were also some items removed:

Removed Marketplace Items

• Winter Maiden’s Gift
• Icekissed Winter Festival Costume
• Yuletide Hauler Fusion Certificate
• Twinkling Décor Bundle
• Twinkling Décor Bundle
• All Candy Themed Weapons

Removed Loyalty Store Items

• Rudolph Hauler Fusion Certificate

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