App Match Updated Review

You want to quickly find applications based on your interests and opinions on different topics? App Match has got you covered with an easy to use interface and high-quality recommendations that are sure to satisfy your app cravings.

App Match Review


Back in April, we brought you a review of a handy little browser-based service called App Match. The service, as is its namesake, helps you find mobile applications based on your answers to certain questions. The questions then try their best to discern your interest concerning a particular subject.

First time around testing it, the results were mixed with the service sometimes finding apps that were in line with your answers, and other times the suggested apps were way off the mark. We mostly criticized the lack of focus since there was no way to filter questions or decide the category of apps you want to steer toward to.

On the positive side, we commended the ease of use, sleek interface and probably the most important – suggestion of high-quality apps. We also noted how great the concept of the App Match ecosystem is and how it helps high quality and unique apps to reach a wider audience.

App Match Ecosystem

Since then, the service has been updated and we are not the ones to leave it at that, so we decided to do a follow-up review and analyze what was changed. So let's jump right into it.

Returning features

So, as before, after a quick Facebook login through the service, App Match jumps right into general questions about you which change the way it behaves for the rest of your usage. One such question would be if you would like to see the use of strong language in further questions. It then proceeds to ask you a series of questions that will generate suggested apps for you to download.The questions are still a mix of serious direct questions about your interests and sometimes vague, but often humoristic ones that will at least, if not generating suggestions offer a small chuckle.

App Match Questions

 After the service generates suggestions (up to 3 applications) and displays a short info, a couple of images and the price of the application if there is one. It also tells you why the application was suggested. You can then either swipe to the right to save the app to your profile or swipe to the left to discard the suggestion. A push of a button takes you to the application Google Play Store page where you can buy and download it. The applications are still of high quality and often have a great user rating.

App Match Review Quizzes

The interface is still as sleek and simple as ever with a blend of important information and images displayed when necessary. The question answering is still smooth and responsive. That, coupled with the swipe function makes for a very approachable and easy to use system. It even enables you to write your own reviews to be displayed for future users of the service.

New features

Once you get through the introductory questionnaire and login process – you will immediately be greeted by something new to App Match – categories. We criticized the lack of choice when searching for applications as with the previous version you could only hope that the service will ask you questions from the category for which you would like more suggestions.

This time around, you get to choose your category of interest that clearly indicates what falls under it. So for example, a category named "Learn New Stuff" will search for applications about education, skills, and wonderment, while an imaginatively named "Peeing In Nature" category will search for applications that are about travel, hiking, parks, outdoors and adventure.

Also new, you have to answer fewer questions to generate suggestions which is great as it rarely feels like a chore, enabling you to get recommendations very fast. The number of questions depends on your category and session, ranging from 2 to 15, whereas the previous version almost always offered more than 10.

App Match Categories and searchA couple of problems still persist, however. There were rare instances when the service would offer me only one question per category and gave no suggestions. A low number of suggestions (or none) is a general problem, but it is somewhat understandable as the service aims at only the high quality, rigorously tested applications to be included in the system but it still makes the service often feel empty.

It would certainly help if the criteria for the inclusion in the App Match ecosystem was a bit less strict (or less pricey) as it would contribute to the number of apps suggested. Also, the service only lets you answer questions for one category once per day, sometimes even longer. Improved is, however, the option for the service to email you when more quizzes are available.


App Match is still a great service, especially when you consider its beta status. There is certainly more room for improvement but what is here is already substantial. The devs already show dedication to improving the service based on user feedback as they addressed one of the biggest criticism I had for the system in a very short period of time. It retains the ease of use, the humor and is more focused with the addition of categories. As before, I wish it offered more applications, but the ones that it does are of high quality with zero clutter.

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