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Are you an app junkie? Always searching for that next application for your mobile device that will somehow amaze you and be your next big thing? Well, look no further than App Match to find all the apps you didn't know you needed based on your preferences.

App Match ReviewIntroduction

Application search engines are nothing new. They are basically tools that help you find applications based on your interests, history of your downloads and searches, etc. Most of these apps are filled with clutter that will have you scrolling through a bunch of unfiltered content, costing you your time. But if you want an uncluttered, sleek and simple solution, read on to find out why App Match could be for you. 


App Match is a browser-based service or a search engine of sorts for your smartphone that helps you find apps based on your preferences. How does it go about finding your preferences? Simple. By asking you questions. After you register and login using the website's own registering system or by using your facebook profile – you jump right into the question part. Questions are sometimes direct and to the point, while other times they can be vague and you can't clearly distinguish what is the engine searching for.  

App Match QuestionsFor example, the engine can ask you: "Do you consider yourself to be techy?" – clearly limiting its search to more technical applications about hardware and/or software. Other times, the engine can ask you about your relationship with your mother and it becomes less clear how that will help it find a relevant application, and most of the time you get no recommendations based on those questions. Even though some of the more bizarre questions lead to no application recommendations, they can often be hilarious, with just as hilarious answers on offer. I remember a particular question asking me what would I do if gummy bears became a cornerstone of our healthcare system, my answer pointing me to a fitness application.

Each questionnaire session consists of around 15 questions and they can range from healthcare to music, photography, weather and many other. There is a great variety of these questions as well, and in my 20-ish sessions, I found no repeating ones, although I did find that one questionnaire session would abruptly switch from questions about one category to another that was completely unconnected. I would have like a bit more options to further limit my preferred interest. If I wanted to find applications about music, with the current system, all I can do is hope that the questionnaire will be inclined to offer music based questions and if sessions didn't offer them, I will have to start a new one. This becomes a problem since you can only be offered 50 questions, limiting you to around 4-6 sessions per day. Best usage for App Match is the one where you are not exactly searching for something specific, and want the applications to amuse and surprise you with something unexpected which it most certainly does, for the most part.

At the end of each session, you get the application recommendations and a reason why each one was selected. While testing, I usually got 3-5 results per session. You can then swipe the recommended application right to save it to your profile for later viewing, or swipe to the left to discard it. A short application info is displayed as well as some photos and pricing if there is one.

Even though the most immediate use for most people is the application searching, App Match also offers a chance for application developers to, as the site says: "enter the App Match ecosystem". What this means is that the developer is submitting his application for review by the App Match team and after testing it for a number of factors (uniqueness, design, etc) and providing the developer with feedback, the application, if approved can become one of the recommended ones through the search. It is a great system to get your application out there for developers struggling with making their application known or approaching a wider audience.

App Match Developer offer


As mentioned App Match provides a good blend of info and pictures and the swipe function is a great addition for the ease of use. The interface on both the mobile and desktop version of the site is minimal and sleek with all the necessary information displayed where necessary. Answering questions is easy and it all runs smooth and without any hitches.  Facebook integration helps with how easy it is to start using the engine and your profile saves your history of discovered applications where you can find more details about them and even comments and screenshots from other users.


App Match is relatively new application search engine that can still improve a lot. Lack of a narrower application search perhaps being the feature that I missed the most. However, its sleek and simple presentation coupled with often hilarious questions and most importantly, quality application recommendations is where the website is at its strongest. It has more focused and high-quality apps on offer, but often offers far less of them than the unfocused competition.  I haven't had the chance to test the application developer support but it would certainly benefit the site for more applications to be included in its ecosystem for the benefit of both the developers and the end users.

+ Sleek interface – Unfocused app searching
+ Ease of use – Not a lot of apps to recommend
+ Quality apps – Question limit

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