Anime Expo to Host Attack on Titan Season 3 Premiere

Attack on Titan's highly anticipated third season will premiere at the annual Los Angeles-based convention next month. The follow-up to the hit show will then be shown in American and Canadian cinemas across North America.

North America's largest annual anime gathering, Anime Expo, will host the world premiere of the highly anticipated third season of Attack on Titan at this year's event. Specifically, the first episode of the third arc will be shown on July 8 and see the likes of Eren Yaeger's Japanese and English voice actors, Yuuki Kaji and Bryce Papenbrook, join the crowd to talk about each's experience on the hit show.

For those unable to pack their bags and ship out to LA on the day of the event, the third season will then head to select cinemas across the United States and Canada on July 10 and July 11. Check out this link to find a location near you and book your tickets in advance. Be advised that the first showing is in Japanese with English subtitles while the second is with the official English dub.

Attack On Titan Season 3 - Official Subtitled Trailer

The anime will air in Japan later in the month on July 23, so diehard fans should take the opportunity to catch a screening early in July lest they'll be forced to wait a couple of weeks.

Are you planning on catching the premiere of the third season of Attack on Titan? Let us know in the comments below!

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