A Pokemon x Fire Emblem Game Almost Happened

A crossover between the two popular series almost came to pass, according to Nintendo producer Hitoshi Yamagami in an interview with Japanese publication Nintendo Dream. The proposal, however, eventually became Pokemon Conquest, and the project moved on to include the Shin Megami Tensei series instead.

A Pokemon/Fire Emblem Game Almost Happened
Pokemon x Fire Emblem almost came to pass, according to Nintendo producer Hitoshi Yamagami in a Nintendo Dream companion booklet that released at the end of last year.

Speaking in an interview alongside Devil Survivor series producer Shinjiro Takada and Nintendo director Kaori Ando, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, once considered for 3DS and multiple other genres, had its origin in the Pokemon series.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE - First Beats Trailer

Ando proposed the crossover early on, at the same time that a different proposal of the same nature was floating around the company as well. Ultimately the latter suggestion grew into Pokemon Conquest, and the idea of merging with the Fire Emblem series was abandoned.

A translation of what Yamagami and Ando had to say can be found below:

Nintendo Dream: Please tell us what led up to the planning of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

Yamagami (Nintendo Producer): 5 years ago, Ms. Ando proposed a plan [for a crossover], saying “You know, I think FE and Pokemon‘s rules are pretty compatible!” Though I agreed with her, by chance the Pokemon group had already proposed what eventually became Pokemon Conquest at the same time [so we were unable to follow through].

Ando (Nintendo Director): Yes, which I was in charge of too.

Yamagami (Nintendo Producer): As the plan was a secret, she was put in charge of that first. (Laughs). And then, it took her less than a week to say, “Here’s the next plan.” The new plan was a collaboration with Atlus. At that time, new games like Xenoblade and Pandora’s Tower were coming out, and, because I myself was quite interested in Atlus’s games, I figured “This could work!” At first, we made informal plans within our own small group, but…

Takata (Atlus Producer): At that time, the organization itself was undergoing changes. and it was almost impossible to deal with Atlus as a second party, and so we almost decided to give up on it. After roughly 2 years, we heard from Hiraoka (board member at Atlus), “Let’s try to collaborate and level up by making an RPG together.” After that, we attempted to contact Nintendo repeatedly, asking “Do you want to bring that RPG to life [with us]?”

Yamagami (Nintendo Producer): We replied immediately with, “Let’s do it!” We then quickly began to draft plans for the game, still only having a rough idea of what it would be. And so, we released an image that showed, “Shin Megami Tensei Meets Fire Emblem” to the public.

A Pokemon and Fire Emblem crossover would have been interesting, given the popularity of each series in recent years. Fire Emblem, in particular, has seen a drastic rise in awareness after the release of Fire Emblem Awakening in 2012 and its sequel Fire Emblem Fates in 2015.

The next iteration of the Pokemon series, Pokemon Sun and Moon, is set to arrive this November 18.

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