7 Best Achievements to Brag to Your Friends About

Here are the 7 best achievements to brag to your friends about. There are plenty of hard achievements, but the issue is some of those have been obtained by many, many people. These impossible achievements are actually rare, with stats to back them up.

7 Best Achievements To Brag To Your Friends About

Ever since achievements first started on the Xbox 360, the system has changed gaming. Now you have an easier way to tell your gaming accomplishments to your friends. Each achievement/trophy has a rarity to them, but that’s often not the best way to tell how rare or difficult it is. Sites like True Achievements have a more accurate way of telling. Each achievement has a TA Ratio tied to them. Any TA Ratio above 7 is incredibly rare. However, not every hard achievement has a high TA Ratio, like Dead Space 2‘s Hard to the Core. The infamously difficult mode that allows only 3 saves has a TA Ratio of 4.21. Every achievement detailed below has a much higher TA Ratio. These are the best achievements to brag to your friends about. 

Ninja Gaiden II: Way of the Master Ninja

One of the hardest and best Xbox 360 games out there, Ninja Gaiden II‘s Master Ninja difficulty is something else. So many enemies do insane amounts of damage, like the red gajas and gold van gelfs. As well, items and upgrades are much more expensive. Fully upgrading a weapon will cost 60,000 essence. Unlike the first Ninja Gaiden, you can’t really grind for essence since the game’s linear. The only good grinding spot is in the first chapter, right before the spot where the second Crystal Skull is. You should grind on your first run to get enough cash for the level 2 Dragon Sword, max level Lunar and Talons, and leftovers for items. The first 6 chapters are the hardest, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the game is easy. 

Ninja Gaiden 2's chaotic Master Ninja mode.

Ninja Gaiden 2’s chaotic Master Ninja mode.

Although Ninja Gaiden II is almost 15 years old, the Master Ninja achievement still has a TA Ratio of 8.88. This is very uncommon for a game this old. Not to mention that an invincibility glitch makes the game so much easier if you just want the achievement. Press up on the d-pad to access the quick menu, select a new weapon, but press X and A simultaneously. Now you will be invincible, but you can only use the guillotine throw move. If you really enjoy the game, do not use this cheat, as it’s frowned upon in the community. The glitch is even banned in normal new game speedruns. It is a bit stunning that even with the glitch, the achievement still has that high of a TA Ratio. 

Dead or Alive 4: 100 Wins in Survival (Single)

Ninja Gaiden II isn’t the only Team Ninja game to have ridiculously hard achievements that are still rare today. Dead or Alive 4 has a pretty challenging achievement list for a fighting game. You must get to SS rank in DOA online, which will take months to do if you’re boosting with a partner and a dummy account. The real kicker is survival. In both solo and tag team survival, you need to get 20, 50, 80, and 100 wins. These do not stack either, but considering the difficulty, you likely won’t be able to hit 80 or 100 wins before the first two.

Dead or Alive 4's survival mode featuring Kasumi and Jann Lee.

Dead or Alive 4’s survival mode featuring Kasumi and Jann Lee.

The AI in DOA4 is notoriously brutal and will learn from you if you make the same moves. A lot of the time, one mistake can be it for you, and winning 100 opponents can take 30 minutes. The 100 Wins in Survival (Single) achievement has a TA Ratio of 14.18, and only around 350 registered TA members have gotten it. It has been said that playing DOA4 with a physical disc on an actual Xbox 360 is easier. This is due to the newer consoles allowing for faster processing which makes the AI quicker to counter you, but that hasn’t been verified. 

Trials Fusion: Is There Anything You Can’t Do?

The Trials series has many incredibly difficult achievements, but none more universal than Is There Anything You Can’t Do. Unlike Trials Rising, where the challenges are fairly cookie-cutter, and samey Trials Fusion has plenty of unique challenges. However, the achievement in questions will require you to complete all 120 challenges in the 8 events of the core game. By far, the hardest two challenges will be Top Roach and Pipe Phobia. On the extreme track Rock of Rages, Top Roach will force you to beat it with 0 faults. That alone is really difficult, but you must 0 fault it using the Roach bike, which makes it much harder. Two jumps, in particular, are incredibly difficult. 

The rider nailing a successful flap technique in the extreme track Rock of Rages in Trials Fusion.

The rider nailing a successful flap technique in the extreme track Rock of Rages in Trials Fusion.

Pipe Phobia despite being on an easy track, is debatably harder. You must 0 fault the track but don’t touch any of the pipes with your front wheel. This will test your throttle control and balance to its absolute limit. One section has you going on a pipe for so long, and you’ll basically be doing a wheelie the whole way through. This achievement will take you months to complete. Is There Anything You Can’t Do has a TA Ratio of 10.76, and the game is nearly 9 years old. 

Wolfenstein II: Mein leben

One of the hardest difficulty modes in FPS history has to go to Mein leben. You get killed very quickly, and one death results in your save file being deleted. It’s very much akin to Ultra-Nightmare mode in the new Doom games, but those don’t have an achievement for beating it. However, Wolfenstein II does, much to achievement and trophy hunters’ dismay.

(Video by: Reaper2007R)

A permadeath mode in an FPS game like Wolfenstein II doesn’t really work, and soon after the game launched, many achievement/trophy hunters complained about it. This is a mode for experts only, as those are the kind of people who can actually finish it. Mein leben has a TA Ratio of 26.19, and just over 220 registered TA members have the achievement. Since Wolfenstein II is on Xbox Game Pass, the ratio might be inflated, but even so, a 26.19 ratio is huge. 

Rare Replay: Stampers Forever

The critically acclaimed Rare Replay has one of the more rare completion achievements. Stampers Forever requires you to get all 330 stamps in the collection. For every regular game in the collection, you need to get every milestone and finish all snapshots. You must also finish every playlist, which is one of the harder parts of the process. Then there’s the backward compatibility portion, which might be the most time-consuming part.

The badge of honor of finally finishing all of Rare Replay.

The badge of honor of finally finishing all of Rare Replay.

To get all stamps, you simply need to get 750/1000G in all games, except for the Xbox Live Arcade titles, for which you will need 150/200G. Thankfully you are not required to get all the gamerscore in every game. Perfect Dark Zero, in particular, can take dozens of hours to grind all the multiplayer achievements, which thankfully can be done with bots. The Viva Pinata games take a long time as well. For some people, this completion will take years to do. Stampers Forever has a TA Ratio of 23.29, and the game is almost 8 years old. 

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania: Complete Conquest

Super Monkey Ball is a hard game, and it’s wise that the remaster allowed for infinite lives, as most people will need that to finish the game. However, that factor won’t help you get this achievement. Complete Conquest requires you to finish all missions in the game, and missions are this game’s challenges. This encompasses all modes, including party games.

Trying to pull a slam dunk into the goal in the Helix stage of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania.

Trying to pull a slam dunk into the goal in the Helix stage of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania.

The tough part is beating the marathon courses in both games in under 99 falls. First, it simply seems unfair as the requirement for expert skill is also under 99 falls. With the marathon being the whole game, you think it would be under 199 falls or 150, but no. You can use the jump ability, but it’s incredibly difficult even with it. On your first run completing these marathons can take you over 1000 falls, and you need under 99. You must practice, practice, practice to do these levels consistently. Complete Conquest has a TA Ratio of 11.40, and only 25 registered TA members have the achievement. 

The Best Achievement to Brag to Your Friend About: Halo MCC: LASO Master

If you haven’t played any of the Halo games on Legendary with all skulls on (LASO), you simply won’t understand how difficult it is. LASO Master requires you to beat the LASO playlists in Halo 1 through 4. First, if you actually wanna win, you have to play co-op. If you’re playing solo, one of the skulls will force you to restart an entry mission if you die, but if you play co-op, you simply restart to the last checkpoint. You have no crosshair, so break out the tape. Shields will only regenerate by hitting enemies with melee, which is often risky. You also get notably less ammo.

The player shooting at a Jackal with no gun or HUD visible in Halo 3 LASO.

The player shooting at a Jackal with no gun or HUD visible in Halo 3 LASO.

Enemies are buffed in so many ways. AI is smarter, health and stats are doubled, their more aggressive, and all of them are promoted to the highest ranks. One mission alone can take your party over three hours to beat. LASO Master does have the second lowest TA Ratio on the list with a 9.69, but that’s just likely how popular of a game Halo MCC is. Plus, the achievement counts for both people on Xbox and PC. 

7 Best Achievements to Brag to Your Friends About – Conclusion

A certain part of achievement or trophy hunting is feeling proud of yourself for doing all these hard tasks. The thing is, often, these hard tasks have been done by many, many more people. That’s why these specific achievements are highlighted because there are certain hard achievements that aren’t very rare due to various factors. The game could be several years old or very popular, so many more people have all the achievements. These are achievements that you can effectively brag to your friends about because they have actual stats showing how rare they are for achievement hunters. 

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