7 Awesome Video Game Unlockables That Were Worth It

When you do a hard task in a game, you always want to make sure you are given a good reward for completing it. Sometimes the reward is quite bad or literally nothing, but that is not the case with these ones. These are 7 awesome video game unlockables that were worth it.

7 Awesome Video Game Unlockables That Were Worth It

Unlockables in video games are always a nice way to reward the player. For the most part, it’s not a good thing for a big completion reward to be nothing at all. Certain unlockables can make the player feel so rewarded for their hard effort. In some cases, those unlockables will make the player play even longer than they might have thought. I’m going to list off 7 awesome video game unlockables that were worth it.

Yakuza 0 Unlockable Fighting Styles

Yakuza 0 is the earliest chronological mainline entry in the Yakuza series. Both this game and Yakuza 5 are, in my opinion, the peak of the series. Traditionally in most Yakuza titles, there is one big side game mode. In Yakuza 0, there are two, one for each playable character. For Kazuma Kiryu, there is the Real Estate side game, and for Goro Majima, there is a side game involving managing a Hostess Club. These side games can be a bit grindy, but the reward is well worth the effort.

Kiryu using a throw move from his Yakuza 5 fighting style in Yakuza 0.

Kiryu using a throw move from his Yakuza 5 fighting style in Yakuza 0.

For completing both side games, you get a new fighting style for both Kiryu and Majima. For Kiryu, you get his fighting style from Yakuza 5, which is awesome. Kiryu’s moves in Yakuza 5 were a lot of fun, and it’s great for it to return in this game. For Majima, you get a fighting style similar to how he fights in later games. It’s the most fun fighting style Majima has. He just dashes and goes all over the place, and it’s a ton of fun. These unlockable movesets for both characters were well worth the effort of beating both side games.

God of War Phone Numbers

The first God of War is a classic PlayStation 2 title and is usually regarded as one of the best games of 2005. God of War features a pretty crazy easter egg in it. For completing God mode and destroying two statues in the final room of the game, you are given two sets of numbers. These two sets of numbers actually create two phone numbers to be deciphered. These two numbers are 1-800-613-8840 and 1-888-447-5594.

God of War 1 Secret Phone Message

(Video by: SilentLunchbox77)

The phone number messages are an awesome easter egg. The best one is the second number listed which features game director David Jaffe. It’s quite humorous to have Kratos brutally murder Jaffe through audio. What’s special about these numbers is that, to this day, the numbers still work. I’m not even sure that Sony knows they are paying for two 1-800 numbers, but these two phone messages are still awesome to this day and were well worth the effort to uncover. 

Ninja Gaiden II Tribal Spirit Costume & Ryu Gamer Picture

Ninja Gaiden II is a 2008 action title by Team Ninja and one of the best action games ever crafted. The harder difficulty modes are absolutely brutal. Master Ninja mode can wreck you with the insane damage that many enemies give out. Plus, weapon upgrades and items for sale at the shop are much more expensive. To fully upgrade a weapon, you will need to spend 60,000 essence. That’s quite a bit of coin. The rewards for beating Master Ninja mode are pretty sick, however.

My sweet Ryu Hayabusa gamer picture in a completely different game on Xbox Series X.

My sweet Ryu Hayabusa gamer picture in a completely different game on Xbox Series X.

First, you get the Tribal Spirit costume, which looks great with its sleek gold and black design. Then you get a sweet Ryu Hayabusa gamer picture. I do miss unlockable gamer pictures on the Xbox platform, and it was always a really cool reward. It immediately tells people who see your profile that you achieved a certain task in a game. The Ryu gamer picture itself is awesome, and I still use it as my profile picture on Xbox. It also helps that Microsoft did add extra support for 360 gamer pictures on the newer Xbox platformers last year. They now fit much better and don’t look out of place with your other friends’ profile pictures. 

TimeSplitters 2 in Homefront: The Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution was one of those games that just kind of came and went. I completely forgot about it until several years ago when it was discovered that the full game of TimeSplitters 2 was included in the game files. TimeSplitters 2 is in the game, but normally you can only play the first two levels. It wasn’t until last year that the cheat codes to unlock the full game were discovered

TimeSplitters 2 title menu with no cheats activated yet.

TimeSplitters 2 title menu with no cheats activated yet.

After the discovery, I picked up the game on sale and played to unlock the full game of TS2. I will admit that the ability to play TimeSplitters 2 is quite a ways into the game. I thought it would take only an hour or two to get to the section to unlock it, but that isn’t the case. Once accessible and you enter the cheat code, you have a native 4K port of TimeSplitters 2. The game is still a lot of fun, and a fully playable extra title as an unlockable is always a quality one in a video game.

Resident Evil 4 PRL 412

Resident Evil 4 being one of the best games ever made, also has one of the most overpowered unlockable weapons in gaming. RE4, on its professional difficulty, can be quite challenging with its low resources and high damage the enemies give out. For beating the mode, you get the PRL 412. 

Look at how many directions that laser shots at.

Look at how many directions that laser shots at.

The PRL 412 is a kill-all weapon that, with no precise aiming needed, can destroy all destroyable objects and enemies in one charge shot. Even the weak attack with a small tap of the trigger can kill most bosses. It’s extremely destructive and even made me find aspects of the game I didn’t know before. When you get to the church for the first time, you can shoot the bell, and enemies will spawn. It’s easily the most overpowered weapon in the game and was well worth the effort. Hopefully, this bad boy can come back in the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake

Dead Rising Real Mega Buster

Dead Rising is a classic early Xbox 360 title by Capcom, and its unlockables are quite distinct. The game has a feature that most games still do not do. For obtaining certain achievements or trophies, you are given unlockable items to use. Most of these are clothes to wear, but there are two unlockable weapons.

To unlock the Real Mega Buster, you need to get the Zombie Genocider achievement/trophy (kill at least 53,594 zombies) and finish the game. It’s actually heavily advised to do this immediately upon starting the game as the method to get this achievement is a great way to level up fast. The achievement is not hard but tedious. The worst part is waiting for the helicopter to finish the game after obtaining all your kills. Back in the day, when I was trying to get this achievement, I did all my homework while waiting for the helicopter, and I still had to wait like 30 minutes for it to arrive. Once you get the Real Mega Buster, though, it’s well worth it.

The Real Mega Buster in action

The Real Mega Buster in action

The Real Mega Buster is the most destructive weapon in the game for most players. The Buster has 300 shots in it, which is a huge amount, and it wrecks bosses like nothing. A quality weapon should be one that is always in your loadout at all times, and once you get the Real Mega Buster, it will be a mainstay in your inventory. You would be a fool not to have this weapon on you at all times because it’s so powerful and has so many shots. Once you get it, there is simply no going back, and the weapon is a quality unlockable that every player of Dead Rising needs.

The Most Awesome Video Game Unlockable: Dead Space 2 Foam Finger

Dead Space 2 has one of the most notoriously hard game modes in recent memory. That mode is Hard Core difficulty. Hard Core is actually the same difficulty level as Zealot (the second hardest mode), but with a few key differences. One is that you must start the mode from a fresh save file. The second is that you can only save 3 times and when you die, you restart from your last manual save. This is absolutely brutal.

A big tip here is that the easiest way to beat this mode is to play Dead Space 2 with a physical copy on an actual Xbox 360. The reason why is because Dead Space 2 is a 2-disc game. When you get to the second disc and die, the game can only restart you at the beginning of that disc as a checkpoint. There have been reports that this exploit may no longer work due to a patch, so it’s best to boot up Dead Space 2 with the internet turned off on the 360. The reward for beating this mode is well worth the effort.

Dead Space 2 - Hand Cannon (reward for finishing hardcore mode)

(Video by: hayabusaDGO)

You get a new weapon and possibly my favorite weapon in gaming history. The Hand Cannon or simply the Foam Finger just wrecks enemies, but it’s the comedic factor that makes this weapon special. Here’s the literal game description of the weapon, “Primary Fire: Pull RT to go bang bang. Secondary Fire: Press RB to go pew pew pew. Real space. Real terror. Real foam.” Can the description get any more awesome than that?

Isaac literally says bang bang and pew pew, too, when using the weapon. I’ve known a few people who planned to stop playing the game upon finishing Hard Core mode but ended up playing an entire extra playthrough due to how much fun it is to use the Foam Finger. That’s a sign of a great video game unlockable to me, and this one was well worth the effort.

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