5 Things Resident Evil 4 Remake Must Maintain

Here are a few insights into the aspects of the survival horror classic and what the Resident Evil 4 Remake must revisit, as Capcom looks set to revamp the core mechanics and gameplay, whilst also sustaining the feel of the original 2005 version. Fans have been patiently awaiting any new updates ever since its initial reveal.

5 Things Resident Evil 4 Remake Must Maintain Cover

Resident Evil is a franchise that has a plethora of enemies, stories, and themes many of its fans have experienced over the years. Those of you who are familiar with this cult classic will certainly know of some of the more memorable periods. Despite some of the criticisms of its action themes, it was and still is one of the greatest of all time. With Resident Evil 4 Remake set to release in early 2023, it is time for a close look at what Capcom needs to preserve from its predecessor in preparation for a return to the village.

Resident Evil 4's Ganados

Resident Evil 4’s Ganados

Resident Evil 4 Remake: (Priority) Voice Lines of Ganados

After the State of Play reveals in June, Capcom plans to ‘make the story familiar to fans of the series whilst also ensuring a ‘fresh feeling’ to the game. The Ganados’ chants and screams as they come across the game’s protagonist Leon Kennedy provide that unsettling feeling and add to the player’s existing anxiety. Not only will this help to contain the original’s feel, but it will also blend into the scarier and more serious tone at aim. You may have seen or played the most recent Resident Evil titles in 7 and Village.

Based on what we have seen here in terms of the new RE Engine and unique voice acting, it is safe to say that Capcom could create the best yet with the Resident Evil 4 Remake. It is unlikely that the exact voice lines will remain. But if Capcom manages to evoke anything similar, this could be beneficial to revitalizing the level of creepiness.

Bella Sisters in Resident Evil 4

Bella Sisters in Resident Evil 4

Keeping Enemy Types

This franchise is known for many of its terrifying enemies, most of which are in Resident Evil 4. From the aggressive chainsaw man known as Dr. Salvador to the bone-chilling Regenerator within the latter stages of the game. These monstrous figures are ones that amp up the level of horror in this installment. You could be expecting a normal encounter with a ‘Ganado’ and suddenly stumble upon a difficult foe to defeat.

The community has enhanced this concept to an even greater extent, with the modded randomizers. Retaining these enemy types, whilst adding more into the equation is bound to create a darker and tense atmosphere. This is crucial to Capcom’s success and serving the purpose of a remake.

Leon S. Kennedy In Village

Leon S. Kennedy In Village

Element of Surprise

Its ability to maintain the element of surprise in players’ journeys in Resident Evil 4 was held in such high regard by fans. Amongst every corner and every room entered, the game manages to keep you on your toes on suspicion that there is something lingering in the shadows.

This is very present within the Island stage of the game, as Leon has his first encounter with the Regenerators. Considering this won’t be a like-for-like remake, Capcom could use this as an advantage to double down on the shock and unexpected twists and turns.

“Where’s everyone going? Bingo?” – Resident Evil 4

Leon’s One Liners

Leon Kennedy’s witty one-liners were a perfect blend into the hostile atmosphere players faced when first visiting the village. “Where is everyone going, bingo?” is one of the lines most fans are familiar with. The cheesy dialogue is what gave players an indication of what was to come in the thematic department.

The remake will veer off into a darker and much more unsettling territory, giving fans a taste of nostalgia. It will also adhere to the goal of keeping its ‘essence’. The perfect way for Capcom to maintain this is to balance this out in a manner so that it does not end up spoiling the horror aspect of the remake for players.

Resident Evil 4 - First House

Resident Evil 4 – First House

Locations and Some Scenes

After a closer look at the reveal trailer, fans may have recognized one thing instantly. The first opening minutes of the game will retain Leon’s first contact with one of the villagers. This is just one of the examples of locations and scenes the remake will benefit from keeping.

Capcom’s efforts will be further appreciated in giving its locations and scenes greater significance by improving or revamping original scenes. This would further amplify the sense of the unexpected and not knowing what is coming next.

Similar encounters or jump scares may be expected by some players due to familiarity with locations. Despite this, it will be a shock once scenes take a turn for something much more intense.

Resident Evil 4 Remake launches in March 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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