5 Predictions for Stranger Things Season 4

Here are 5 predictions for Stranger Things Season 4, which hits Netflix on May 27th, 2022. After 4 seasons it’s time for fans to get some answers about the Upside Down. Also, it does not seem like Vecna has always been the monster that’s shown in the trailer.

5 Predictions for Stranger Things Season 4Netflix has a lot of exciting new content coming soon. So, let’s discuss 5 predictions for Stranger Things season 4. The show’s creators, the Duffer brothers, have a huge season planned and fans are very hyped.

Stranger Things season 4 is coming to Netflix on May 27th, 2022.

Stranger Things 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Season 4 Starts With Mike Visiting Eleven And Will

Let’s start with a simple one. In the “Welcome to California” teaser Eleven talks about seeing Mike during spring break. Then in the official trailer there are shots of Mike with Eleven and Will in the background at an 80’s roller rink. Since this is a very casual activity, it’s likely that it occurs before the rising action of this season 4’s arc. So, the first prediction is that the season opens with Mike visiting the Byers family in California.

The War Is With Vecna Not Russia

In the official trailer, Dr. Owens and Eleven have the following dialogue exchange.

Dr. Owens: A war is coming. I’m afraid your friends in Hawkins are very much in the eye of the storm.

Eleven: I don’t have my powers.

Dr. Owens: I don’t know how to say this other than just to say it. Without you, we can’t win this war.

Following season 3, one would naturally assume that this war is with the Soviet Union. However, the trailer also introduces Demobats. In the picture below hoard of them is shown circling the Creel House, as if they are Vecna’s army. So, perhaps this war that Dr. Owens is talking about is with Vecna and not the Soviet Union.

Demobats circling the Creel House.

Demobats circling the Creel House.

Hop Is Being Force Trained To Fight In The Upside Down

The Duffer brothers confirmed that Hopper is in a Russian prison. In the image below he and some other prisoners are being forced to fight a Demogorgon, but why? The Soviet Union has a vested interest in the Upside Down and even opened a gate to it in season 3. So, maybe they’re using those prisoners as a slave army to fight against the creatures of the Upside Down. Perhaps they are entering war with Vecna too. Hence, the third prediction is that Hopper is being forced to fight in the Upside Down by the Soviet Union.

Stranger Things Season 4: Exclusive Trailer Breakdown With The Duffer Brothers

Fans Will Get Answers About The Upside Down

Vecna is the first Upside Down creature that can talk. The Duffer brothers may have a reason, or more specifically, an intended use for introducing a being in the Upside Down that speaks. Now that this series has reached season 4 and seems to be nearing its end, it’s time for the characters and the audience to get some answers about the Upside Down. Hence, the purpose of Vecna being able to speak may be to provide those answers.

Season 4 may answer some long-pondered questions like, was the Upside Down created or has it always existed? Is there one ruler of the Upside Down or just separate powerful entities like Vecna and the Mind Flayer? What exactly are Demo creatures? Etc. It’s also possible that Robert Englund’s character, Victor Creel, will provide some answers.

Vecna with a human hand and a Demogorgon’s hand.

Vecna with a human hand and a Demogorgon’s hand.

Vecna Was Once Human

It seems likely that Vecna was a human once because of the lore behind the character’s Dungeons and Dragon’s counterpart. In D&D lore Vecna begins as a human, becomes a lich, then ascends to godhood. Some of Vecna’s power can be transferred if one cuts off their own hand and attaches Vecna’s hand in its place. Examine the above picture. One of Vecna’s hands appears humanoid and the other looks like a Demogorgon’s hand. So, judging from the namesake and the hand, it seems like Vecna started as a human and replaced a hand with a Demogorgon’s hand to transcend into a monster.

That concludes this analysis of 5 predictions for Stranger Things season 4. On Friday some of them may be proven right or wrong.

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  1. I am overly excited for this new season. Hopefully, it lives up to the hype. Interesting take on the Vecna lore, I can totally see that now!


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