5 Hopes for Rick and Morty Season 6

Here are 5 hopes for Rick and Morty season 6, which hits Adult Swim on September 4th, 2022. Enough with shock value, let’s get back to the laugh-out-loud-funny comedy that this show began with. Also, it’s time for fans to get some answers about Evil Morty, the Real Beth, and Murderer Rick.

5 Hopes for Rick and Morty Season 6In just a few days, everyone’s favorite mad scientist and whiny boy are returning to the spotlight. With that in mind, let’s discuss 5 hopes for Rick and Morty season 6.

Rick And Morty season 6 debuts 9/4/22 on Adult Swim.

This article may contain spoilers.

Laugh-Out-Loud-Funny Comedy

The main reason that season 5 was such a disappointment is that it wasn’t nearly as funny as the other seasons. Prior seasons were stuffed full of laugh-out-loud-funny jokes. However, in season 5 the writers focused more on shock-value than on crafting good comedy.

So, the most apparent hope for Rick and Morty season 6 is for it to be hilarious. Hopefully Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland will take a step back from shock value and focus more on the sci-fi themed comedy that the show began with. Perhaps a few throwback episodes would help.

Red robots attacking the Smiths.

Red robots attacking the Smiths.

Just The Right Amount Of Drama

Seasons 2 and 3 were loaded with drama surrounding the main characters, which facilitated exposure. Some fans found this annoying, but it was actually necessary to make the jokes involving the Smith family funny.

Similar shows often don’t need much exposure because the characters are very gimmicky. When things are gimmicky, they’re also self-explanatory. So, when characters are gimmicky, they tend not to need much development to be funny. For example, Futurama did not require very much character exposure for the jokes to land well because the characters were gimmicky to the extent that they were self-explanatory.

Rick and Morty in a space battle.

Rick and Morty in a space battle.

That’s not the case for the Smith family. The show’s background characters are often gimmicky, but the main characters are grounded in relatability. So, for jokes involving them to land well, the audience needs to understand them on a deeper level than just their appearances and general demeanor. That’s where the drama comes in. It gives the characters a bit of exposure, which in turn gives the audience a deeper understanding of them, resulting in jokes involving them landing effectively.

For example, “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy” began with Jerry living his sad lonely life in his apartment. Later in the episode, he agreed to help some aliens kill Rick, which went horribly wrong and hilariously blew up in his face. That wouldn’t have been nearly as funny if the episode hadn’t started with Jerry in his apartment. It established him as a self-destructive dingus right off the bat, which in turn made the screw-up funny. That’s because it’s exactly the sort of thing that tends to happen to self-destructive people in the real world. So, it’s funny to the audience because everyone knows (or is) someone like Jerry, which makes the routine relatable. Hence, let’s hope that season 6 has just the right amount of drama to drive the humor, without being excessive.

Evil Morty

This character has been a fan favorite since the finale of season 1. Evil Morty made an appearance in the finale of season 5, which revealed a few things about him. As it turns out, his objective is to experience only realities where Rick is not the most intelligent being in the universe. This adds an interesting new perspective on the role of Mortys within the Central Finite Curve. Why should Mortys stay within the realities dominated by Ricks if they don’t have to? Perhaps now more Mortys will seek to exit the Central Finite Curve. Hopefully fans will get more answers about Evil Morty in season 6.

The Real Beth

Another question on the minds of many fans is, who is the real Beth? In season 3 Rick created a clone of Beth and sent one of them into space. However, no one knows which Beth is the real one, including the two Beths and Rick. So, many fans hope to find out which one is real in season 6.

The Smith family and Space Beth.

The Smith family and Space Beth.

Murderer Rick

The finale of season 5 revealed that C-137’s original family was murdered by another Rick. C-137 spent years trying to track down this Murderer Rick to get revenge, but never found him. Many fans are eager to find out where Murderer Rick is hiding and why he killed C-137’s family. Let’s hope that season 6 will provide some answers.

Those are 5 hopes for Rick and Morty season 6. Fans only have to wait a few more days to see the next season of their favorite sci-fi themed comedy.

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