5 Biggest Horror Movies Releasing October 2022

October is finally here and the month is packed full of a spectacular selection of horror! The days leading up to Halloween are made up of tense thrillers, gory slashers, psychological mind-benders-- even some fantastical fantasies and stop-motion masterpieces! October is one month horror fans don't wanna miss, so stay tuned for this list of the biggest horror movies releasing October 2022!

5 Biggest Horror Movies Releasing October 2022

October is finally here and it’s full of an amazing assortment of pure terror, horrific gore, mystical tales and psychological madness! Fantasy novel hexalogy The School for Good and Evil translates into the world of cinema, Jamie Lee Curtis and James Jude Courtney return for a grand finale in Halloween Ends, and indie filmmakers grace the world yet again with a handful of beautiful yet horrific flicks! October never fails to feed the Halloween spirit and this year is most definitely no different! Whether you’re a horror fan looking for relentless slashers and terrifying thrillers, or a Halloween fanatic in search of films to satisfy your spooky cravings, stay tuned for this list of the biggest horror movies releasing October 2022!

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Releases October 4, 2022 on Hulu.

Hellraiser | Official Trailer | Hulu

Many people love seeing old movies remade in a fresh new light, especially when those movies are famous classics such as Hellraiser. David Bruckner brings Clive Barker’s terrifying film to Hulu as an honorable remake of where the story of Pinhead began!

In this version of Hellraiser, a young woman that struggles with addiction comes into contact with a mysterious puzzle box that is responsible for her brother’s disappearance. Of course, it is no ordinary puzzle box, but instead a device embedded with the purpose of summoning the Cenobites, which are a group of sadistic supernatural creatures from another world entirely.

This reimagination of Hellraiser is special for multiple reasons. For one thing, recent technology allows for more possibilities and a deeper sense of realism regarding special effects and cinematography, meaning a much more terrifying experience for viewers. On top of this, Jamie Clayton plays Pinhead in this version of the story instead of a male actor: which is an awesome decision! Between the impressive graphics, interesting casting decisions, and clear respect for the original movie, Hellraiser deserves its place here on this list of biggest horror movies releasing October 2022!

Prey for the Devil

Releases October 28, 2022 in US theatres.

Prey for the Devil (2022 Movie) Official Trailer - Christian Navarro, Jacqueline Byers

Movies centered around evil spirits, demonic entities, and possession often make for strong horror films: especially around Halloween! Prey for the Devil is clearly no different, as multiple trailers for this movie prove just how full of terror and supernatural madness it truly is!

Prey for the Devil focuses on the Roman Catholic Church during a time where demonic possessions seem to be on the rise. To combat this, the Church reopens schools made in order to train priests how to correctly perform an exorcism. After a knowledgeable professor acknowledges Sister Ann’s gifts, he agrees to train her to perform exorcisms as well. Consequently, Sister Ann comes face-to-face with a young girl who is possessed by the same demon who tortured Sister Ann’s own Mother years prior.

Prey for the Devil looks extremely horrifying and the premise of the story is a terrific idea. And, as long as people have been eagerly waiting for this movie to come out, I’d say that Prey for the Devil automatically earns its place here on this list of the biggest horror movies releasing October 2022!

Wendell & Wild

Releases October 21, 2022 on Netflix.

WENDELL & WILD | Official Teaser | Netflix

Henry Selick, Keegan-Michael Key, and Jordan Peele are all back at it again as they’ve joined forces with a new promising work of art: Wendell & Wild! This upcoming stop-motion horror-comedy looks absolutely stunning and will no-doubt be both hilarious and touching!

Wendell & Wild follows the story of Kat, a troubled teen with a heavy past full of trauma who must confront her personal demons in order to begin a new life in her old town. Wendell and Wild – Kat’s demons – strike a deal with her and chaos most definitely ensues along the way!

This film looks extremely promising for so many reasons. The storyline involving inner demons and trauma in such a unique way is super refreshing to see, especially coming from Key and Peele! Furthermore, the stop-motion looks very beautifully done and the cinematography is, again, absolutely stunning! Key and Peele never fail to bring great content to the table – let alone Henry Selick – so putting Wendell & Wild on this list of biggest horror movies releasing October 2022 is a no-brainer!

The School for Good and Evil

Releases October 19, 2022 on Netflix.

The School for Good and Evil | Official Trailer | Netflix

Halloween isn’t just about gore, thrills, and chills: it’s also about embracing fantasy! Soman Chainani’s series The School for Good and Evil is officially making its way to the world of cinema and films: and it looks amazing!

The School for Good and Evil is a place in which people learn to either be the heroes or villains that make up fairytales. The story here follows best friends Sophie and Agatha as they are inevitably taken away to said magical school for future heroes and villains. Sophie and Agatha’s friendship is put to the test when it becomes time to choose a side: good or evil.

Soman Chainani’s The School for Good and Evil series is loved and praised by many. This film debut looks to be extremely promising in terms of unique characters, beautiful imagery, and storytelling! Because of how outstanding this film looks – and because October can never be too magical – The School for Good and Evil definitely deserves its place here on this list of the biggest horror movies releasing October 2022!

Halloween Ends

Releases October 14, 2022 in US theatres.

Halloween Ends - The Final Trailer

This list of October horror wouldn’t quite be up to standard if we didn’t talk about Jamie Lee Curtis and James Jude Courtney’s spectacular return in their grand finale: Halloween Ends.

Halloween is an extremely popular series by horror fans all over the world. It is one of, if not the most acclaimed horror series of all time. Four years after the events of Halloween Kills, Laurie lives with her granddaughter and is finishing her memoir. Michael Myers is nowhere to be found and Laurie finally decides to embrace life rather than fear her horrific past. However, when a young man named Corey is accused of killing the boy he was babysitting, a domino effect of terror pushes Laurie to confront that evil once and for all.

Halloween Ends looks intense, thrilling, and downright amazing! Halloween finally coming to a close after its 2018 reboot – breaking box office records along the way and ultimately having a massive impact on the horror scene in general – no-doubt means an extremely intense finale that horror fans won’t want to miss out on! Because of all this, Halloween Ends deserves its place here on this list of biggest horror movies releasing October 2022!

Indie Horror Movies Releasing October 2022

Of course, this list of the biggest horror movies releasing October 2022 would never truly be complete without discussing a handful of amazing looking indie horror films coming out this month! There are many promising indie films set to release October 2022. However, the following films stand out in terms of beautiful cinematography and unique storytelling!

Deadstream (L), Two Witches (C), V/H/S 99 (R)

Deadstream (L), Two Witches (C), V/H/S 99 (R)


Directed by Joseph and Vanessa Winter, Deadstream is a horror-comedy that mixes the absurdities of livestreaming with supernatural terrors! When internet personality Shawn Ruddy begins to lose his following, he attempts to win his audience back by livestreaming his visit to a haunted house. However, the livestream becomes more than simple fun and games once Ruddy unleashes a vengeful spirit after his life. This film looks to be the perfect mixture of funny and terrifying. This director duo seem to perfectly balance poking fun at streamers while also focusing on what makes supernatural horror so great! Deadstream releases October 6, 2022 on Shudder.

Two Witches

Two Witches is an occult horror film about a witch who passes on her sinister legacy to her granddaughter. Because of this inheritance, terrifying curses begin to arise. This film is directed by Pierre Tsigaridis, who also participated in filming, editing, and crafting the soundtrack. Between the eerie storytelling and beautiful cinematography, Two Witches looks to be an extremely promising film full of witchcraft and horror! Two Witches releases October 1, 2022 on ARROW. 

V/H/S 99

V/H/S 99 is the latest installment in an acclaimed found footage franchise. In this film – similar to others in the series – a conglomeration of teenage home videos turn into a hellish found footage nightmare full of savagery and horrific sights. This series of films is deeply loved by many and V/H/S 99 seems to promise an abundance of analog horrors to look forward to! V/H/S 99 releases October 20, 2022 on Shudder.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this list of biggest horror movies releasing October 2022 here at KeenGamer! Are there any other promising horror movies you’re looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

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