5 Biggest Horror Movies Releasing December 2022

From dark murder mysteries, to Christmas-themed thrills, to mind-bending horrors, there are more than enough reasons not to miss this list of the biggest horror movies releasing December 2022! The holidays are here, but that doesn't stop December from being packed full of a thrilling assortment of horror.

5 Biggest Horror Movies Releasing December 2022

December is filled to the brim with promising mysteries, gory horror, mind-bending thrillers, and Christmas mayhem. Icon Martin Lawrence stars in a tense murder mystery called Mindcage, Breaking Bad star Anna Gunn plays a broken mother with a desire for revenge in The Apology, and David Harbour plays a hilarious version of Santa that truly packs a punch in Violent Night. You truly won’t want to miss this diverse list of the biggest horror movies releasing December 2022!

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Releases December 23rd in select theaters and January 6th on Netflix.

The Pale Blue Eye | Official Teaser | Netflix

Horror and mystery are two thrilling genres that often produce some amazingly spooky content when woven together. Scott Cooper appears to have achieved just that with upcoming horror film The Pale Blue Eye!

The Pale Blue Eye is a tale of both murder and revenge. The story follows veteran detective Augustus Landor as he investigates a series of intense and gory murders that have taken place. Landor isn’t alone however, as a young cadet stands alongside him during this journey: a cadet that would eventually go on to become the famously morbid Edgar Allan Poe.

This film looks absolutely dark, tense, and eerie! Furthermore, any story that mentions Edgar Allan Poe is bound to be morbid and captivating. It would be a sin not to mention this upcoming film on this list of the biggest horror movies releasing December 2022!

Violent Night

Releases December 2nd in U.S. theaters.

Violent Night - Official Trailer

The amazing David Harbour is back at it again with his iconic character portrayals, this time with a much anticipated bloody Christmas comedy: Violent Night. Not only does David Harbour star as a brutal Santa, but Violent Night has also been made under the same producers that helped craft movies such as John Wick, Bullet Train, and Atomic Blonde.

When a group of villainous mercenaries break into a rich families home and take everyone hostage, there is one unexpected opponent in particular that they must face: Santa himself. And, of course, these unprepared mercenaries must learn the hard way that there is absolutely nothing jolly or nice about him.

This movie looks absolutely hilarious, well-written, and full of brutal action! Between the hilariously witty premise and iconic film crew, Violent Night most definitely deserves its place here on this list of the biggest horror movies releasing December 2022!

Reflections of a Broken Memory

Releases December 2nd in limited U.S. theaters.

🎥 REFLECTIONS OF A BROKEN MEMORY (2022) | Movie Trailer | Full HD | 1080p

Those with a love for all things mystery are certainly in for a treat, as The Pale Blue Eye is far from being the only eerie murder mystery on this list. Murder mystery fanatics will also be pleased to learn about the release of Reflections of a Broken Memory.

With the help of a wise therapist, a detective leads an eerie murder suspect into the depths of his very own mind. In doing so, the detective hopes to uncover and bring certain forgotten memories to light that caused their suspect to lose touch with reality.

This movie looks absolutely tense and mind-bending at its very core. A movie so intriguing and eerie definitely deserves a spot here on this list of the biggest horror movies releasing December 2022!


Releases December 16th in theaters and on VOD.

Mindcage: Exclusive Trailer (2022) Martin Lawrence, Melissa Roxburgh, John Malkovich

Still thirsty for more horror mysteries? Well have no fear, because we aren’t done just yet! Next up on the list is yet another murder mystery starring the iconic actor Martin Lawrence: Mindcage.

Mindcage centers itself around two detectives who have no choice but to seek the help of an incarcerated serial killer– The Artist– once a copycat killer begins to strike again and again. This series of events spirals into a tense game of cat and mouse as both detectives race to remain one step ahead of The Artist and his copycat killer.

This movie looks absolutely amazing. The correlation this film seems to make between art and murder is very interesting, and the acting as well as the cinematography is spot on! It would be a true crime to leave Mindcage off of this list of the biggest horror movies releasing December 2022!

The Apology

Releases December 16th on Shudder.

The Apology - Official Trailer [HD] | A Shudder Exclusive

Ending this section of the list in an extremely strong manner, we have Anna Gunn starring in an eerie thriller called The Apology.

Darlene Hagan is a recovering alcoholic that lost her beloved daughter to a mysterious disappearance twenty years ago. Darlene now plans to host her families Christmas celebration with the help of her neighbor, hoping to move on with her life somehow. However, when Darlene’s ex-brother-in-law visits with gifts and a hard-hitting secret, their reunion turns into a violent game of revenge.

Anna Gunn is a phenomenal actress and the entire premise of this movie is extremely intriguing. Because of this, The Apology has earned its place here on this list of the biggest horror movies releasing December 2022!

Biggest Indie Horror Movies Releasing December 2022

Although not as abundant as previous months, December possesses a small handful of indie horror films set for release– all of which appear promising for a variety of different reasons. And what would a monthly horror list be without some indie recognition? Afterall, there are many hidden gems floating about in the realm of indie horror!

Burial (L), Christmas Bloody Christmas (C), A Wounded Fawn (R).

Burial (L), Christmas Bloody Christmas (C), A Wounded Fawn (R).


First up is a war thriller that takes place after the death of Hitler near the end of WWII: Burial. In the film, a group of Russian soldiers are tasked with bringing Hitler’s remains to Stalin. It isn’t necessarily a true story, but it is however inspired by true events. Although it has somewhat mixed reviews, the movie seems like an interesting thriller for war buffs and Tom Felton appears to play a dynamic part in the movie. Burial releases December 6th on DVD and Blu-ray!

Christmas Bloody Christmas

What would December be without even more Christmas survival horror? Christmas Bloody Christmas follows a record store owner named Tori who simply wants to spend the holidays partying. However, when a robotic Santa in a nearby toy store goes haywire, Tori must fight for survival against one very bloodthirsty Santa. Overall, Christmas Bloody Christmas looks extremely promising and the cinematography truly is beautiful. Christmas Bloody Christmas releases December 9th on Shudder!

A Wounded Fawn

Lastly, we have an eerie cat and mouse tale: A Wounded Fawn. Meredith Tanning is a museum curator who has recently begun exploring the dating scene once again. However, once she unknowingly becomes the target of a charming serial killer, Meredith must find a way to escape the clutches of her new date’s madness. Overall, A Wounded Fawn looks absolutely horrifying and tense, making for an intriguing film to keep on the radar. A Wounded Fawn releases December 1st on Shudder!

Thank-you for taking the time to read this spooky list of upcoming December horror. Stay tuned for more entertainment updates here at KeenGamer!

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