5 Biggest Horror Games Releasing February 2023

February brings popular sequels and new franchises to the horror scene and this list covers the biggest games releasing this month in 2023. Make the most of the last of winter with one of these great horrors and thrillers to accompany the dark nights.

5 Biggest Horror Games Releasing February 2023

February 2023 continues the year’s release of horror games, with some of the biggest coming out later this month. There’s action and survival horror, and highly anticipated additions to franchises and new series to get immersed in, as well as indie and mainstream releases. Keep the dark at bay with any of these new releases.

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Sons of the Forest

If you’re into the survival horror scene, you will no doubt have come across Endnight Games smash hit The Forest. This February comes with a new sequel titled Sons of the Forest. With such a popular predecessor this game will no doubt be one of the biggest releasing this February 2023. It’s a must play for survival fans as well as horror fanatics.

Much like the original, you find yourself trapped on a cannibal and mutant infested island and must find ways to survive. This time around however you are searching for a missing billionaire. Whilst the game will be familiar to players of The Forest there are several new additions to be excited about. This time the map will be approximately 4 times the size, improved AI and crafting/building, more guns and new enemies.

Sons of the Forest releases on the 23rd of February on PC.

Sons of the Forest - Exclusive Official Release Date Trailer

Atomic Heart

Although it works more on action than scares, there’s enough creepy imagery and haunting enemies for Atomic Heart to make the list of biggest horrors releasing this February 2023. Created by Mundfish, the game takes place in an alternate 1955 USSR. The Soviets saw huge advances in robotics, leading to many robots and biomechanical creations. However the latest update to the robotic hivemind has caused them to go haywire. You play as Major Nechaev who must investigate the issue, fighting the automatons and his own mental state.

The intriguing setting and visuals have garnered the game quite a bit of hype. There’s a feeling not dissimilar to Bioshock for this game. There are many enemies to face; biological, mechanical and at times mixes of the two. The game has scarce ammo and a focus on crafting improvised weapons. You also have a power glove, which will give you powers such as telekinesis. The game looks weird and wonderful, so keep it on your radar this month.

Atomic Heart releases on the 21st of February on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X and Series S and PC.

Atomic Heart - Official Combat Trailer | gamescom 2022

Scars Above

If you like your Sci-Fi with a bit of horror added to the mix then Scars Above may be for you. The game is a third person action adventure game, with twisted enemy designs, especially the bosses. The story has you play as Kate, a scientist who is part of SCAR, The Sentient Contact Assessment and Response Team. After a titanic alien structure appears near Earth you are sent to investigate, part are transported to a strange new planet with hostile environments and remains of an old civilisations.

Scars Above looks great for those you love exploring alien worlds. The enemies and world are both well designed judging from the trailers. With Kate at the centre the game takes an interesting direction with using science being key to survival. Rather than relying on the skills of a soldier, you need to study the environment to increase your odds of survival.

Scars Above releases on the 28th of February on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X and Series S and PC.

Scars Above – Official Gameplay Trailer | The Game Awards 2022

Interference: Dead Air

Another refreshing take on the horror genre, this game is set within a small security booth in the the middle of the desert. You play as a bored security guard looking to kill time on his shift. However, all hell breaks loose. The facility has been overrun and you must do everything you can to help the survivors.

The game is meant for multiple playthroughs, with multiple branches the story can go. Whilst you aren’t directly in the mess happening in the facility, its audio will bring the horror over the radio. You need to keep the power on, track threats and stay in touch with the games characters. It’s certainly an interesting take, with you hearing rather than seeing a lot of the horror, but it’s got some positive buzz.

Interference: Dead Air releases on the 2nd February on PC.

Interference: Dead Air | Release Date Reveal Trailer

Castle of Secrets

Most the biggest horror releases this February 2023 are set in 3D worlds, but if you fancy something a little different then consider Castle of Secrets. The game bills itself as a story focused psychological horror, with a 2D world with 3D art. With the game being story heavy there’s not too much to go on plot wise. What we know is that you play as Susan Tranton. You live in a castle with your family, but there is a curse upon you. To find out who killed her family she must venture into the world of the dead to find answers.

The game will hopefully bring a satisfying mystery to go with it’s unique visuals and puzzles. The steam page even notes that plot twists rely on player choices. Castle of Secrets is for those horror fans who want less guns and action, and more puzzles and story.

Castle of Secrets releases on the 24th of February on PC.

Castle of Secrets (Official Trailer)

Indie Offerings

This months indie offerings are a couple of intriguing looking games with spooky vibes.

Birth – This game is a dark puzzle game, wherein you must build a companion out of the bones and organs found throughout the city. The games cute yet unsettling style has got some attention and looks worth your time. Birth releases on the 17th February on PC.

Dreams in the Witch House – Take part in one of Lovecrafts short stories in this game. This horror mixes open world RPG elements with retro point and click gameplay. You have 2 months to prepare for the May-Eve ritual, so use your time carefully. Dreams in the Witch House releases on the 16th February on PC.


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