5 Biggest Horror Games Releasing December 2022

This month’s list of the biggest horror games of December 2022 includes the most anticipated horrors of the year. This month’s scares take you from space to fairy tales, and from triple A games to viral hits. It’s an exciting month for horror fans, and make sure to check out the indie offerings at the end for something you may not have heard of.

December may be the month of the holiday spirit, but the horror games are coming out swinging. You’ll no doubt have heard of some of the biggest horror games releasing this December 2022. Choo Choo Charles and The Callisto Protocol have exploded on the scene. However, there’s a nice selection for all tastes, with multiplayer and solo focussed games, and just about every option in regards to setting and style. It’s certainly an exciting month for horror fans

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The Callisto Protocol

One of the most anticipated horror games of the year is coming out early this December. The Callisto Protocol appears to be a spiritual successor to the acclaimed Dead Space, which also has an upcoming remake releasing in 2023. The game is directed by one of the co-creators of Dead Space, Glen Schofield, and appears to have a similar set of mechanics and environments that will be familiar to fans of Dead Space.

The Callisto Protocol is a sci-fi-survival horror set on Callisto, one of Jupiter’s Moons in 2320. You play as Jacob Lee, a freight ship pilot who ends up in the Black Iron Prison. Unfortunately for him, his co-pilot and the denizens of the prison, a strange disease is overrunning the facility, bringing with it twisted monsters. The game also comes with a star-studded cast, including Josh Duhamel, Karen Fukuhara and Sam Witwer. With so many aspects pointing to a great game, from the cast to the designers, it’s no surprise that this is one of the biggest horror games releasing this December 2022.

The Callisto Protocol releases December 2nd for PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S and PC.

The Callisto Protocol - Official Launch Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Choo Choo Charles

Viral hit Choo Choo Charles is finally dropping early this December. If you’ve spent time on gaming TikTok you’ve likely seen clips from this highly anticipated open world action horror. This game is the work of solo developer Two Star Games, with a great monster and fun premise. Choo Choo Charles subverts the childhood franchise Thomas the Tank Engine into a horrifying monster.

This game has you being constantly stalked by a hybrid spider/train whilst traversing the open world in your own train. You must upgrade your vehicle and fight for your life. You can loot for scraps or help the local settlers to gain additional firepower and maybe manage to take down the evil train for good. It’s a bizarre looking game for sure, but with so much buzz surrounding, it’s definitely hit the list of the biggest horror games releasing this December 2022.

Choo Choo Charles releases December 9th on Steam, with a console release planned for next year.

Choo-Choo Charles - Release Date Trailer

Hello Neighbor 2

Mr Peterson returns in Hello Neighbor 2 to catch you sneaking around his house. The original Hello Neighbor came out in 2017, with the hook being in the AI that adapted to the players behaviours. For example, setting traps along previous routes the player had taken. The game has already had a prequel and now has a sequel. The new game boasts a larger play area, with the entire town being available to the player. This comes with more characters and more mysteries to unravel.

This time around you play as an investigative journalist looking to dig into the case of Mr Peterson, as well as the larger community of Raven Brooks. It’s like a scary version of hide and seek, which is a popular gameplay loop for a reason. Hello Neighbor 2 looks ideal for players who want a family friendly horror option this Christmas.

Hello Neighbor 2 releases December 6th for PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S and PC.

Hello Neighbor 2 - Announcement Trailer

Project Playtime

December is a great time to play with friends and family, and Project Playtime fits perfectly in for groups who are into horror. This game is a free to play multiplayer horror game, with a 6 vs 1 premise. It builds on the single player Poppy Playtime for a multiplayer experience. 1 player controls the monster in the toy factory, and others must survive. Each monster has its own set of skills that you’ll need to adapt to. However, the survivors also get perks to improve their survivability.

The survivors are resource extraction specialists at a major toy company. You’ll need to solve puzzles and collect the parts of a giant toy and put it together before the monster can get you. The monster on the other hand, must simply kill the other players. There are currently 3 monster classes, each with cute names. Huggy Wuggy is for brute force, Mommy Long Legs is for speed and agility, and Boxy Boo is a new addition. This one appears to be a jack-in-the-box who may be able to launch itself at survivors.

Project Playtime will enter early access on December 6th for free on Steam, with a full release next year.

Project: Playtime - Official Gameplay Trailer


The final game for the main part of this list is upcoming Blacktail. This game first person action-adventure set in a dark fantasy world based on Slavic folklore. The vibrant and colourful world is like something from a fairy-tale, contrasting with the grim story telling. The you must harness witchcraft and archery to taken down the enemies lurking in the wilds and uncover the mystery of your past.

You play a young woman named Yaga exiled from her community for witchcraft. The website states that you must ‘choose your path to become either the guardian of the woods or the terror nightmares are made of’. The art style looks beautiful, especially for the 2.5D memory sequences. If you like dark storytelling but want to stay away from straight horror, you can’t go wrong with Blacktail.

Blacktail releases on December 15th for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X & S and PC.

Blacktail - Gameplay Overview Trailer | PS5 Games

Indie Offerings

As always there are the indie offerings for those looking for something a little different. This month has some interesting releases to consider.

  • Stalcraft: This game is an odd one but interesting. It’s essentially Minecraft meets Stalker. The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is recreated in blocky detail and populated with monsters for you to battle. The game is an MMO survival horror mixed with a shooter, with PvP and PvE. Stalcraft releases to Steam on 9th December for free.
  • Black Sheep: this game is a 2D story driven game with psychological horror elements. You play as a high school student exploring the flooded ruins of a school. Uncover the evil buried with the crumbling remains. Black Sheep release on 16th December on Steam.
  • Surrounded: 6 player co-op horror Surrounded has you and your friends go to an abandoned village after a science facility researching dark energy has exploded. It’s been 30 years and their rumours of creatures in the sealed off area. Explore the open world but make sure not to make too much noise. Surrounded releases in early access on 22nd December on Steam.

Any games caught your attention this month? Let us know in the comments!

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