5 Biggest Horror Games Releasing August 2022

Halloween is a few months away but there are still some big horror games releasing this August 2022. There’s something for everyone, from action horror to survival horror, and even some weird and wonderful indie offerings.

5 Biggest Horror Games Releasing August 2022

August 2022 has some strong releases to tide you over for the upcoming horror season. Despite no major franchise releases there are several games getting a lot of buzz amongst horror fans. The following list contains just 5 of the biggest horrors coming out this month. There’s a great-looking variety in the types and styles of games coming out.

Whether you play on Console or PC, or prefer action or survival-style horrors, there’s a big release for each type of fan of spooky games this August 2022.

If you are after something watch, or looking for older horror releases to check out, make sure to have a look at these lists:


 Thymesia releases 18th August 2022 for PS5, Xbox and Steam.

Thymesia - Official Release Date Announcement Trailer

This horror themed action RPG is set in the plague-ridden Kingdom of Hermes. You play as Corvus, who must find answers to save the kingdom through his lost memories, aided by disease infused weapons and raven powers. It has clearly been inspired by From Software’s Bloodborne, with fast-paced combat and twisted and horrifying enemies.

Judging from the trailers this is a must for fans of souls-likes, although it may be straying too close to Bloodborne with a similar story of a city that used alchemy to enhance it’s populace with unforeseen consequences.  That being said, Bloodborne was extremely popular for a reason and Thymesia looks to capture that magic again. This August 2022 release might just be the biggest horror game for souls-like fans this year. If you like combat-driven games with a horror setting, this looks like it is made for you.

The Mortuary Assistant

The Mortuary Assistant releases 2nd August 2022 on Steam.

The Mortuary Assistant Trailer

In The Mortuary Assistant you play as apprentice mortician, and it looks downright terrifying. What starts as an ordinary if somewhat disturbing job takes a turn for the worst when one night you’re called in, only to find you can’t leave and there is something wrong with the bodies.

The game looks to be a fun mix of taking care of dead bodies, and all the gruesome details that come with, and a horrifying demonic story of possessions. Developed by DarkStone Digital this game has been receiving some buzz, and it’s easy to see why from the trailer. It gives off P.T vibes mixed with a touch of Amnesia. If straight horror with puzzles is your thing, you should check this out.

SCP Containment Breach Remastered

SCP Containment Breach Remastered releases 4th August 2022 on Steam.

SCP - Containment Breach Trailer #2

Everyone’s favourite community-based horror website is getting a remaster for the game that took Lets Plays by storm. For the uninitiated, SCP (Secure, Contain, Protect) is a website where the community make up monsters and supernatural anomalies. Some are silly, like SCP-999, the Tickle Monster, and others are fantastic horror monsters, such as SCP-106, the Old Man (don’t read this one before bed).

SCP Containment Breach transform the written archives into a terrifying escape room. The facility is suffering a containment breach and now you must avoid the denizens of the prison-like facility and get out, ideally without being brutally murdered, possessed, or trapped in a pocket dimension. It’s now over 10 years on from the original release, and the remaster will hopefully bring this game to a new generation of audiences. It’s a monster mash where at least one of the creatures will get under your skin.

Inscryption (Playstation Release)

Inscryption releases 30th August 2022 on PS4 and PS5.

Inscryption - Official Launch Trailer

For horror fans after something more unconventional, then the upcoming PlayStation release of Inscryption is worth checking out. Previously only for PC, this game won numerous awards,  including the British Academy Games Award for Game Design and Game of the Year at the Game Developers Choice Awards and Independent Games Festival. With stellar reviews, this deck building card game seems to have surpassed all expectations and is coming to consoles.

Described as a ‘mind melting, self-destructing love letter to video games’ on Steam, Inscyption blends deckbuilding, puzzles, and psychological horror. You embark on a disturbing journey, collecting cards of woodland creatures by draft, surgery, and self-mutilation. This game promises something different to the classic ways of horror story telling, and as a fan of deck building games, this one has certainly piqued my curiosity.

Hard West 2

Hard West 2 releases 4th August 2022 on Steam.

Hard West 2 - Gameplay Trailer

It’s not often that you see a western mixed with horror elements. This game is a blood-soaked turn-based combat strategy game. You play as Gin Carter, an infamous outlaw searching for the legendary Ghost Train. However, this search for fame and riches might just cost him his soul.

The mix of Wild West folktales with the violence of the area and time period looks like a killer combination. With brutal fights and difficult choices to be made along the way, the game looks to be driven by the consequences of your actions. You must build your posse of outlaws, all with various weapons and abilities and do your best to keep them alive, as well as loyal to your cause. It’s nice to see horror explored in a different setting than the typical haunted house, afterall, the fear of what lurks in the dark woods is deep within us for a reason.

What horror game are you most excited for this month? Think there are some other big horror releases coming out this August 2022? Let us know in the comments!

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