3 Predictions for Camp Cretaceous Season 5

Here are 3 predictions for Camp Cretaceous Season 5 based the teaser trailer that came out earlier this week. Many shots shown in the trailer suggest that Kenji joins forces with his father. Toro the Carnotaurus appears to be returning to the series to terrorize the campers once again.

3 Predictions for Camp Cretaceous Season 5

Jurassic fans are very excited for this summer because Jurassic World: Dominion is coming to theaters in June, followed by Camp Cretaceous Season 5 in July. The first teaser trailer for the next installment of Camp Cretaceous has arrived. So, let’s discuss 3 predictions for Camp Cretaceous Season 5, using information from this teaser.


Kenji Temporarily Joins his Dad and Mantah Corp

In several shots of the teaser trailer, Kenji is shown wearing dress clothes. This is likely meant to imply that he has flipped sides to join forces with his father, Daniel Kon, the head of Mantah Corp. Kenji is absent throughout nearly all of the shots of the other campers, which supports the idea that Kenji is not with them for most of Season 5. Similar to how Darius wasn’t shown with the campers in the trailers for Season 4, then as predicted by many, he was separated from them for most of the season. Some have suggested that Season 5 will focus on Kenji’s desire to earn his father’s approval. That would explain his change of allegiance.

However, there is another explanation. In Season 4 Darius was captured by Kash and ended up playing a double-agent sort of role to get information about Mantah Corp for the other campers. Kenji may be doing the same thing in Season 5. As in, he could simply be joining forces with his father to serve as an inside-man. The end of Season 5 will likely reveal Kenji’s intentions in joining his father.

Kenji in dress clothes.

Kenji in dress clothes.

Bumpy Returns

Many fans were quick to point out Toro the Carnotaurus, along with Hawkes the mercenary. Mantah Corp seems to have hired Hawkes and his fellow mercs, to obtain some dinosaurs from Isla Nublar. There’s one shot in which the campers are overlooking some armored vehicles coming off a boat. So, those vehicles are probably transporting dinosaurs that Hawkes captured on Isla Nublar, to the facility that Kash operates.

The teaser trailer shows Toro and a Baryonyx, but what other dinosaurs from Isla Nublar might be returning? This would be a convenient route to reintroduce Bumpy the Ankylosaurus to the series. That is the kind of dinosaur that Kash might have an interest in running combat tests on, like he did with Big Eatie the T. rex and Pierce the Kentrosaurus. A very likely subplot branching from this idea is Ben trying to rescue Bumpy from Mantah Corp.

Camp Cretaceous watching a boat and armored vehicles.

Camp Cretaceous watching a boat and armored vehicles.

Brandon Bowman uses Hawkes to find Darius

The conclusion of Season 4 teased Darius’s brother, Brandon Bowman, setting out to rescue Darius. After acquiring a phone, Darius tried to call Brandon, but he was cut off by Kash after merely saying “hello.” Upon realizing that Darius survived Jurassic World, Brandon left home to find his brother. 

So, how will Brandon track Darius down? He could attempt to track the signal from the call, but that seems too simple. Another route he might try is getting in touch with the Camp Cretaceous counselors, Roxie and Dave. Fans have long theorized that they might return to the series eventually, and this is a way that could happen. After all, if your younger sibling or child was having an issue at camp, you’d contact the counselor wouldn’t you?

A character that's possibly Brandon Bowman getting off a boat.

A character that’s possibly Brandon Bowman getting off a boat.

Considering all the information gathered from this teaser trailer, there is a likely avenue to Brandon eventually finding Darius. Brandon will likely start his search on Isla Nublar because to him that’s Darius’s last known location. The above image could very well depict Brandon arriving on Isla Nublar via boat. Hawkes and the other mercenaries should also be on Isla Nublar around this time, gathering dinosaurs like Toro.

Hence, the likely avenue to Brandon finding Darius is that he encounters the mercs and stows away on their ship bound for Mantah Corp Island. Where Darius and the other campers are located. Maybe the campers spot him when they’re spying on the ship arriving with the armored vehicles. Also, Dave and Roxie could join Brandon on this quest to rescue their campers.


To recap, this article’s 3 predictions for Camp Cretaceous Season 5 are that Kenji temporarily joins forces with his dad, Bumpy returns, and that Brandon uses the mercenaries to find Darius.

It’s a very exciting time for this franchise with Jurassic World: Dominion hitting theaters on June 10th followed by the Camp Cretaceous Season 5 release date on July 21st.

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