2023 WWE Survivor Series: WarGames Event – 5 Predictions

Here are my top five predictions as to what may occur at the WWE Survivor Series WarGames. WWE will be having its annual Survivor Series with the addition of WarGames to the PLE on November 25, 2023, at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. This will be the second Survivor Series to feature the WarGames match in its show.

2023 WWE Survivor series Wargames Event – 5 Predictions

It’s about that time again when we head on down the home stretch to watch the annual Survivor Series PLE from the WWE. Last year’s edition of the event saw the addition of WarGames. And this time around will be no different. The conflicts between the wrestlers are reaching a boiling point that will come to a head when they meet at the event. Here are my five predictions on what will take place at this year’s Survivor Series.

Gunther Vs The Miz 

After The Miz won his match to qualify to compete for the Intercontinental Championship against the title holder, Gunther, he wants to make sure people know who he is and what he has achieved in the past within the company. On the flip side, Gunther has been ruthless in his work as the current champion.

Gunther Vs The Miz

Gunther Vs The Miz

This will be an interesting match, as the two both have separate reasons as to why they should be champions when the match has concluded. Also, I’ve been noticing that The Miz is getting a favorable reception from the crowd in the arenas he enters. Just recently, on Raw, he got cheered when facing against Ivar. Although I wouldn’t mind The Miz having another title run, I believe that Gunther will win. 

Rhea Ripley Vs Zoey Stark 

As the weeks go on, it appears that Rhea has to try to keep The Judgment Day in order. Even though they don’t have a leader, she has stepped up her efforts to keep things together for the faction. Having said that, I can’t see Rhea losing this match against Zoey Stark when so much is on the line for her. Not just for herself, but for her faction as well. And not to mention, her title is up for grabs in the match also.

Rhea Vs Zoey

Rhea Vs Zoey

This doesn’t mean that Zoey Stark will be no small task for her as well. Having recently been a protégé to Trish Stratus, she has learned from one of the best to do it, and that will make Rhea’s job difficult. But again, Zoey Stark simply doesn’t have as much riding on this match as Rhea Ripley does. That’s why when the rubber meets the road, I am going with Rhea to step up and make her presence known to the world that The Judgment Day is here to stay. 

Team Cody Vs Team Judgment Day

So, it all comes down to this! The Judgment Day has been wreaking havoc on Monday Night Raw for months now, and Sami Zayn doesn’t want another Bloodline to happen this time around. He wants to stop their momentum. And with the announcement that Adam Pearce made on Raw, this opportunity could very well happen. It will be Sami, Cody, Seth, and Jey going up against The Judgment Day in a WarGames match. With the members of The Judgment Day constantly having to prove themselves, they will not lose the match quickly. The other team will have to earn it no doubt. But I see the other team as the victors when all the smoke has cleared. 

Men's WarGames Happens At Survivor Series

Men’s WarGames happens at Survivor Series

The Return of Randy Orton 

The Viper has been out of action for months now due to going through rehab from a back injury. This would be the best time for him to make an epic comeback to the world of professional wrestling in the WWE. What would he do if he was to return at Survivor Series: WarGames? My guess is that he would help out Cody Rhodes in his WarGames match against The Judgment Day. He and Cody have a rich history as members of The Legacy together. 

Will Randy Orton show up at Survivor Series: WarGames?

Will Randy Orton show up at Survivor Series: WarGames?

Jade Cargill Will Be There 

Now that Ms. Cargill is an official member of the WWE roster, I think that she will be at the event to scope out the competition, and I believe that we will see more of what her intentions will be moving forward in the coming weeks and months at the PLE. She has had an intense interaction with Charlotte Flair recently in the backstage area. Maybe this will lead to some matches down the road for the two combatants.

Jade Cargill was picked up by Triple H from AEW and Tony Khan’s pool of talent, which in my opinion was a good pick to place on your roster, and I feel like she will prove that once she has a couple of matches under her name within the WWE to show just why she was one of the hottest acquisitions to grab in the first place. 

Jade Cargill arriving at NXT.

Jade Cargill arriving at NXT.

There are my five predictions for Survivor Series: WarGames 2023. This event will catapult us into the next one and also a very important PLE in the coming weeks which is the Royal Rumble. Which will occur at the beginning of next year in January. And on the NXT side of things, they have a PLE coming up as well, which will be called NXT Deadline. That takes place in Bridgeport, Connecticut. I expect some surprises to go down at Survivor Series: WarGames before we get to those events to make them more interesting. 

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