2023 WWE Crown Jewel Event – 5 Predictions

The WWE will come to all of us live in Saudi Arabia at the Mohammed Abdu Arena on November 4. This will set up the WWE Universe for what will go down at this year's Survivor Series. John Cena is seeking retribution not only towards The Bloodline but also his own personal win column.

2023 WWE Crown Jewel Event – 5 Predictions

It’s ticking down to the next edition of WWE’s Crown Jewel which takes place live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The return of John Cena in recent weeks will lead him to face off against The Bloodline’s enforcer Solo Sikoa at the event. Crown Jewel is the PLE that happens right before Survivor Series. No one knows what will go down in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel to set us up for Survivor Series. Here are my top five predictions as to what might occur at Crown Jewel which occurs on November 4. 

Seth “Freakin” Rollins Vs. Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre is still salty about how things happened when it comes to his WWE Championship victory during the Pandemic Era when he was competing in a match at WrestleMania that consisted of a crowd that wasn’t actually inside the arena and was being televised on screens instead. This Monday on Raw, however, Seth had zero sympathy for Drew as he reminded Mr. McIntyre that everyone was suffering in those times. 

Seth Vs Drew

Seth Vs Drew

I think that there is a decent chance that Drew McIntyre might get some help by The Judgment Day to win this match and thus become the new champion in the process. Seeing as he has been spotted recently talking to them. And also JD McDonagh, who is just craving to become a member of the faction, would like to prove his worth by helping Drew win. But with all of that being said, I think that Seth “Freakin” Rollins aka The Visionary will win this bout. 

Rhea Ripley Vs. Nia Jax Vs. Shayna Baszler Vs. Zoey Stark Vs. Raquel Rodriguez

I really can’t see Rhea Ripley losing in this match against the others due to the fact that she has been gaining more and more of an allegiance with the crowd when she enters the arena. Also, it appears that she is trying to become the leader of The Judgement Day even though they claim to have no leaders in the stable and answer to each other equally. But, she is the one who negotiated a truce with The Bloodline with Paul Heyman while all the other members of the group weren’t a part of the discussions. 

A five women match for the title

A five-women match for the title

So, this is why I’m going with Rhea to pick up the W at Crown Jewel. She is on too much of a momentum to simply lose in her first test of strength type of match against four other individuals. It would not only make her look weak but also the entire faction of The Judgment Day as well. Even though her competition is no joke. Nia Jax has recently returned to the WWE and has made such a presence within the women’s division in just a short amount of time. Raquel Rodriquez is still the up-and-coming talent that should be watched by everyone in the locker room. However, Rhea Ripley needs this victory more than the rest. 

Roman Reigns (With Paul Heyman) Vs. LA Knight

Even though LA Knight is riding a wave of “Yeah!” momentum with the fans in the arenas, Roman Reigns is still the tribal chief at the end of the day. He’s not just going to hand over the title to LA Knight at Crown Jewel. And with Paul Heyman at his side, who can predict what his involvement will be when the match goes down in Saudi? I don’t think Roman Reigns will lose to LA Knight at Crown Jewel because he needs to get to at least to Survivor Series. He has his title on the line as well as his title of tribal chief on the line. The entire Bloodline faction’s existence is at stake, and Roman Reigns knows this. 

A match for the WWE Universal Championship

A match for the WWE Universal Championship

Rey Mysterio Vs. Logan Paul

In my opinion, this match will be the fun one of the night. Logan Paul has proven at previous PLEs that he is all about creating moments in his matches. All he cares about is going viral, and this will only increase in that possible outcome when he goes one-on-one with Rey Mysterio. This match will be for the United States Championship, and I would be absolutely shocked if Rey loses to Logan Paul when the match concludes. I can see Logan Paul having a couple of near-pin attempts that look like it will be the end of Mysterio’s reign as champion, but the three count will belong to Rey when the match has wrapped up.

A viral causing match in the making

A viral-causing match in the making

John Cena Vs. Solo Sikoa

This is it, ladies and gentlemen. Cena’s legacy is on the line at Crown Jewel when he faces off against Solo Sikoa in Saudi. John Cena has seen a string of losses in recent matches, and even he can’t remember the last time that he had his hand held in victory after a match has concluded. But, this is why I say his legacy is on the line at Crown Jewel. John Cena has to remind everyone at this event just who he is and what the WWE has witnessed for the last 21 years with him on the roster. I think that John Cena will eventually obtain his first victory in a while in a singles match setting when it is all said and done. But it will still be a close match all the way down to the finish line for him too, as Solo Sikoa is hungry to win matches as well. 

Can John Cena get back on track?

Can John Cena get back on track?

There are my top five predictions for WWE Crown Jewel

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