10 Epic Levels You Must Play in Super Smash Bros Melee

Here are the top 10 levels in the ground and pound smashmouth video game known as Super Smash Bros Melee. This game was released in 2001 on the GameCube home console system. Enjoy reliving the levels that put this game on the map.

10 Epic Levels You Must Play in Super Smash Bros Melee

The sequel to the Nintendo 64 smash hit (pun intended) Super Smash Bros. was released for the GameCube entitled Super Smash Bros. Melee. Considered to be a gem upon its release in 2001, Super Smash Bros. Melee offered players the chance to rejoin the hectic world of Nintendo characters fighting one another in different arenas until one was knocked out and declared the loser. Today, we dive into what these special arenas looked like in this wonderful game and see the top ten levels worthy of being on this list. 


Besides being a very aesthetically pleasing image of a level, it is also a vast and spacious environment. I absolutely appreciated the non-cramp feeling you get when playing at this level. The funnest part of this location is that you can drop down onto another platform below the one you stand on. This allows players to get away from an opponent when they can’t receive too much more damage to their bodies. This area comes from the Legend of Zelda series, primarily from the Ocarina of Time video game for the Nintendo 64. 

The Temple Level

The Temple Level


This Pleasantville-styled level comes to us from the EarthBound series. The character in Super Smash Bros Melee that it belongs to is Ness. A kid with a baseball bat. Players will enjoy this area for the sheer joy of watching their opponents get hit by a vehicle while playing on the road. But don’t worry…you will be warned when a car approaches. The location also involves some buildings that one could use to stand atop their roofs. Also, there are fluffy trees that someone can stand on as well. I like how this level can get chaotic when four players fight simultaneously.

Highway in the Onett level

Highway in the Onett level

Mute City

If I had to put this level into only one word, it would be…thrilling. You play on Captain Falcon’s turf from the series F-Zero. These cars at this level aren’t playing around. They whiz at great speed around the fighters. Sometimes, if the player is not lucky enough to avoid them, they can hit you. I am intrigued by how this level is designed. You can get up on a platform, move around the area, then you are back on the racetrack. 

The racetrack in Mute City

The racetrack in Mute City

Mushroom Kingdom 

If you don’t know where the Mushroom Kingdom is, where have you been? This is the ultimate throwback to any Nintendo video game. It comes from the Super Mario Bros. series. In my opinion, the level can get a bit tricky because of the two platforms in the middle of the area that can descend into a bottomless pit. There are classic blocks to break, and the background displays characters from the ’80s video game. I immensely enjoyed this level’s music because you are placed back in a time when you had to grab flagpoles for a living. 

Classic Mushroom Kingdom level

Classic Mushroom Kingdom level

Kongo Jungle

Coming at you from Super Smash Bros. Melee is Kongo Jungle. A level that is from the Donkey Kong video game series. This location also has the cool-sounding song, DK Rap. This level will uplift anybody’s spirit after a lousy day at the office. You fight on a platform suspended next to a waterfall with logs floating in it. This level is awesome because it allows players to survive a brutal hit if they land on a pair of rocks away from the main platform. 

The Kongo Level with a waterfall at the bottom

The Kongo Jungle Level with a waterfall at the bottom

Ice Mountain 

This is perhaps the most unique level in the entire game. It reminds me of the classic video games, a side scroller that keeps scrolling with certain doom awaiting if the player doesn’t keep up with the moving camera. Some (and understandably) will find this level frustrating because you focus on trying to keep up with the movement of climbing the mountain rather than fighting your opponents. But, since it is its own special level, it belongs on the list. 

Climbing the Ice Mountain

Climbing the Ice Mountain


The Corneria level is from the Star Fox video game saga. I like this level very much. It is nice and bright. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. Most of the time, if a person is not really feeling like playing a level with all the glitz and glimmer, they play this level. Try to avoid the pesky planes that attempt to fire lasers at you. 

Flying around the ship of Star Fox

Flying around the ship of Star Fox

Pokémon Stadium

I don’t know what it is about this level, but it has the aura of wanting to fight in a very fun area. This location is the best from the game if one is looking for a stadium throwdown feel. The level even comes with a Jumbotron in the background that keeps track of the fight within the arena. A very intense and stadium-roaring environment. 

Let's fight in the Pokémon Stadium

Let’s fight in the Pokémon Stadium

Princess Peach’s Castle

You can’t have a list of levels in this game without Princess Peach’s Castle! It’s just that simple. The fighters will battle one another on top of the castle that is from the legendary Mario 64 video game. Of course, this beautiful area allows the player to fight where Yoshi was dwelling at in Mario 64. It also is cool, in my opinion, because it features very large Bullet Bills that will strike the castle, and explode a few seconds after impact. 

Birds view of the iconic Peach's Castle

Birdsview of the iconic Peach’s Castle

Dream Land

Rounding the list is Dream Land from the Kirby series. This one was tough because it barely took down the Brinstar Depths and Mushroom Kingdom II levels, but at the end of the day, Dream Land prevailed. It might be one of the smallest levels in Super Smash Bros Melee. However, it has all you need for hours of enjoyable fighting and punching action. Don’t let the cute scenery fool you; this location means business. It even has a pesky tree that tries to blow the player off of the platform.  

Kirby's turf

Kirby’s turf

This has been my top 10 favorite levels in the Super Smash Bros. Melee game. 

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