Why You Should Wait to Buy a Next Gen Console

The release of the new consoles is just around the corner. While everyone has struggled to preorder, I think it's important to ask if it's really worth buying the next gen consoles right away. If gamers can wait a bit before taking the plunge, they can save money, and not deal with the stress of trying to get a preorder in.

For the past six months, online video game banter has been 75% people arguing over whether the PS5 or the Xbox Series X will be the superior product; 15% arguing whether TLOU2 was the best or worst game of the year; and the other, happier, 10% were people showing off their houses in Animal Crossing. Gamers arguing over consoles is nothing new, it’s been around for decades, but this iteration feels especially toxic. It has turned into some kind of lame turf war between rival factions. But instead of car bombings and drive-by shootings, the methods of attacks have consisted of calling each other trash and photoshopping the Xbox to be a refrigerator or the PS5 as a wi-fi router (I’ll admit some of these have been pretty good). It’s easy to get swept up in all the hate and feel you need to pick a side, or maybe you will reject the nonsense and get both. But there is another question everyone needs to ask themselves first. Is either worth getting right away? Here are a few reasons why you should wait to buy a next gen console.

Saving that Cash

Xbox Series X - World Premiere - 4K Trailer

For many of us, including myself, money has been tight this year because of the covid outbreak and its effect on the economy. Which is why it might be smart for some of us to at least wait until next year when the prices could drop. There has been a history of this after all. 

When Sony released the 60GB version of the PlayStation 3, it cost a ridiculous $599 dollars at launch but dropped to $499 in less than a year. The Xbox 360 waited a tad longer, going from $399 at launch for the 20GB model to $299 in just under two years. The Xbox One dropped by an astounding $150 dollars after one year —  most likely because of disappointing sales —  while the PS4 dropped $50 in 23 months. The general pattern is that whichever console is selling worse gets its price cut sooner rather than later. 

We won’t know for certain when the deals will begin or for how much. Let’s just say for the sake of arguing the price for the console you want to buy drops by $50 after a year. That might not seem like a lot, but it can go a long way. 

Here are just a few things you can do with $50.

  1. Invest in the Stock Market – After watching Wolf of Wall Street did you think to yourself, “hey, being rich seems fun”? If so, it might be time to dive into the world of stock trading. On average, the rate of return on stocks is 10%. If you were to invest $50 dollars it should grow to around $336 after 20 short years. If you’re a risk-taker and don’t mind losing all your cash you can head over to r/wallstreetbets and take their advice. Who knows, if you’re lucky you might end up with a mansion and a close circle of friends addicted to quaaludes.
  2. Buy about 46 Double Stacked Tacos from Taco Bell – Self Explanatory.
  3. Adopt a Pet from a Shelter – You’ll love both a new console and a furry friend, but the console won’t love you back while the pet will love you despite all your faults. Adopting a dog from a shelter can be less than $50 however they will end up costing more once you account for food and toys. But one day you may fall and hit your head with no one around to save you — except for your dog who owes you a life debt. Every few years a new story appears about a dog calling 911, to save its owner’s life. A console won’t do that. Instead, it will continue automatically billing you for online services even after you’re dead. Another benefit of getting a pet is that once you buy your console, you’ll have a protector to watch over it. You can train it to attack anyone who looks at your plastic baby.

The Games

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales - Gameplay Demo | PS5

Without fun, interesting games to play consoles become another tool for watching Netflix. Here is a list of all the launch titles for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. Do any of these seem like they are going to be game-changers? None of the Xbox games really stand out to me. I’ll admit Sony’s Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales looks intriguing, and Demon’s Souls will be great for all the masochists out there. But these and all the other games that come out this winter will be just as fun on the PS4 and Xbox One. Both companies have said that most games would be backward compatible. Jim Ryan, Sony’s Entertainment President, went as far as to say that 99% of games will work on the PS5. If you wait a year to buy a new console, you can replay all your recent purchased games again to compare the graphics and count how many times you see ray tracing.

Next year will be when the heavy hitters like Halo Infinite and God of War 2 come out (please God don’t let these get delayed to 2022). For these Tier 1 games, I can see feeling the need to get the best graphics possible. I think Craig deserves it

Avoid the Stress

The Preorder process for both the Xbox Series and PS5 has been a cluster fuck. Sony thought it was a good idea to surprise everyone with the preorders, causing everyone to panic and scramble to find a realtor that sold them. This led to lots of orders being canceled and sad customers. Microsoft on the other gave everyone time to prepare. People got up early on the date specified, ready to get their order in, thankful that Microsoft didn’t drop it in their laps like Sony —  only for it to be a disaster too.

The situation reminded me of trying to buy toilet paper in late March. Everybody fighting for a scarce item with the fear that they will be the ones missing out. But unlike toilet paper, you don’t need a console. You’re only going to be stressed out if you try to get one with the rest of the mob. By next year you’ll be able to walk into any major retailer or go to their website to purchase your item with no worry at all. 

Do you know what else is stressful? Finally getting your brand new console and having it start acting strangely after a few months. You begin to notice it gets boiling hot after a short amount of playing time. Then it shuts off randomly. Finally, it won’t turn on at all. It happened to me with my day one purchased PS3. The moral of the story — pioneers get the arrows. For the record, I don’t think there will be any wide affecting bugs with these consoles. Though as always, if any group of units is going to have bugs, it’s going in the first editions. 


Ultimately, it’s up to each person what they want to do. I can’t fault anyone for getting one or both as fast as humanly possible. All I ask is that you give a one-second thought to the idea that it might be better to wait. If you decide you want one and now must ask yourself which one is the right for you feel free to use this handy guide

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