How Nintendo Should Revive the Mother Series

The Mother series is one of Nintendo's forgotten series. Despite being off the radar for many years, there's still a strong fan base who wants it to make a comeback. The Mother series still having a fan base is just one of the many reasons why Nintendo should revive it.

Why Nintendo Should Revive the Mother Series

The Mother series only has 3 games over its 30 year lifespan. Nintendo sadly hasn’t made an effort to get it out of the grave it’s currently in. It’s pretty sad, because this series has many good charms about it. There are also some great opportunities Nintendo could do to capitalize on it. Here’s our thoughts on why Nintendo should revive the Mother series. 

Nintendo has many well-made RPGs within their company. The top ones that come to mind are Pokemon, Xenoblade Chronicles, Paper Mario, Mario and Luigi, and Fire Emblem. All of these series have some good stories, characters, unique environments, and gameplay going across each of the games. These great traits ended up creating a huge fanbase between each of these series. Nintendo is one of the best companies when it comes to making an RPG.

The Mother games are the exact same. They have good stories, characters, and unique environments that makes players settle into the experience they’re about to witness. If they’d given the Mother series as much time and effort as the other games I just mentioned, it could be Crash Bandicoot levels in terms of bringing a series back from the dead. It’d be nice for this series to gain more representation outside of Ness and Lucas being in Smash Bros.

There’s also a huge fanbase for the series. Many videos and amazing artwork, displaying how much people love this series and wished it came back in some form. The best example of this is a group of fans who are making a Mother game of their own called Oddity. For a team to make their own Mother inspired game for others to enjoy is pleasant.

Oddity Reveal Teaser

With all that being said, how does Nintendo bring back the Mother series?

Remake the Games

Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo in Saturn Valley.

Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo in Saturn Valley.

The gaming industry is currently in a pool of nostalgia with a lot of these great games being remade. Nintendo should go all out and remake all three of the Mother games and combine them into one huge collector’s edition. These games should be remade into a 3D RPG style like how the Final Fantasy VII Remake was done. Fans of the series can revisit these games in a new HD experience. They could even add in some voice acting for the characters. There are many ideas Nintendo can go with if they remade these games. This is the best way to bring back the series, in my opinion.

Pull a Sonic Mania

Sonic running around with his friends and Metal Sonic.

Sonic running around with his friends and Metal Sonic.

The idea of letting skilled fan-creators to work on a Sonic game was a wild idea. It ended up being a great idea, because Sonic Mania was a huge success. Nintendo is very strict on fans making fan games of their IPs. They’ll take down almost every type of fan game that’s related to them. I think Nintendo should take a page out of SEGA’s book and get a bunch of skilled fan creators to make a new Mother game. It’ll be a nice opportunity for indie developers to work on a game for a major company like Nintendo. Maybe they can get Toby Fox to be the head of this team? Undertale is a beloved game and having Toby be a part of this team would be great, considering the inspirations behind Undertale.

These are the two best ways of bringing back this series in my eyes. I really enjoy the Mother series, and if it ever comes back, I think Nintendo should go with one of these two options.

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